Brussels hosts the Africa Political Outlook to Decrypt the African Governance Challenges in 2023

February 23 01:32 2023
Brussels hosts the Africa Political Outlook to Decrypt the African Governance Challenges in 2023

Africa Political Outlook is holding a prestigious gathering at the Merode Club in Brussels on February 28, 2023, with the purpose of delving into the pressing governance challenges facing the African continent. On the theme “2023: Governance, Democratic Transition, and Consolidation of Institutions in Africa,” this high-stakes meeting will bring together distinguished experts, political leaders, and economic decision-makers from both Africa and other regions, with the aim of proactively addressing potential crises, fostering the growth of democratic institutions, and enhancing governance across the African continent.


The year 2023 will be a landmark political calendar on the African continent, with roughly fifteen elections scheduled to take place. These elections showcase the vibrancy of African institutions and the democratic strides made by African societies. However, they will occur amidst a backdrop of political turmoil, challenges, and tensions. Countries such as Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will be closely monitored. In Gabon, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, and Liberia, these elections will serve as a litmus test for the strength of their institutions. Meanwhile, in the Sahel region, the increasing influence of global powers such as Russia, coupled with the rise of new neo-populist political leaders, are shaping a rapidly evolving political landscape.


The Africa Political Outlook will be resolutely focused on the actors shaping African politics. This year, the theme is “2023: Transitions, Fractures, Risks, and Transformations.” Invited decision-makers will examine the national, European, and international implications of these crucial meetings. Topics to be covered include electoral transparency, generational fractures, the emergence of youth, Europe-Africa relations, sovereignty, institutional modernization, the role of political parties, and disinformation. The event aims to provide a comprehensive examination of these pressing issues, as well as to offer new analytical perspectives to foster resilient governance and strong political institutions.

According to Adébissi Djogan, Managing Director of Public Affairs Africa and co-organizer, “Africa is experiencing a profound era of change, where post-independence political foundations are being challenged. The youth’s powerful aspiration for sovereignty, rejection of elites, and the need to balance legitimacy, power, and authority demand the urgent co-creation of governance models that are consistent with the nation-states and aligned with African ambitions for the 21st century.” Gregory Jullien, President of European Strategic Initiative and co-host of the event, adds that “The Africa Political Outlook will help refocus the African political discourse on Africa, its leaders, and its citizens. Too often, conversations, narratives, and solutions to the continent’s political challenges are dominated by stakeholders with little understanding of its complexities. The APO will serve as a platform for dialogue and to foster a deep and sincere renewal of the Africa-Europe-World relationship.”

Several personalities have already confirmed their participation: Hajo Andrianainarivelo, President of the Malagasy Miara Miainga party, former Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Land Management and Public Works until March 2022 (Madagascar), Bertin Mampaka Mankamba, Member of Parliament of the Mouvement Réformateur, former Vice-President of the Parliament (Belgium), Christelle Vuanga Mukongo, National Deputy and fervent defender of women’s rights (Democratic Republic of Congo), Sylvie BAIPO TEMON, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Central Africans Abroad (Central African Republic), Dr Ousmane Kaba, President of the Party of Democrats for Hope (PADES) and former Minister (Guinea), Jan-Christoph Oetjen (FDP, Germany), Renew Europe MEP and European Co-Chair of Renewpac. The conference will be opened by H.E. Saleh Kebzabo, Transitional Prime Minister of Chad. Around 100 participants are expected to attend the event.

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