WeBunker Launches to Build Worldwide Network for Disaster Preparedness

February 20 23:43 2023
WeBunker is a USA-based company providing individuals and families access to reliable sources of information, purchases, and help regarding disaster preparedness.

Security is a luxury in times when global conflicts rage on and economies experience all-time high volatility. Knowing that many governments are seemingly dismissing disaster preparedness, WeBunker has launched in the United States to bring people information and access to trusted sources where bunker equipment, prepping supplies, and land can be purchased. 

“We understand that many people feel unprepared and unprotected when it comes to disasters, and our goal is to change that. We’re here to provide the resources and support needed to help individuals and families feel prepared and protected,” Sammy Lirette-Cowen, co-founder of WeBunker said. 

WeBunker was designed as a one-stop shop for information and quality products. It offers a host of links to the most dependable partnered companies and a singular source of reliable information, from real estate agencies, trusted bunker builders, suppliers of solar power systems, and survival food supplies to wealth preservation professionals, and educational organizations.

The budding WeBunker.io community grows by the day, embracing new members and discussing off-grid living and disaster preparedness. The company has launched the Bunker Bite online newsletter, keeping its followers up-to-date with the latest product reviews, the most lucrative gold & crypto investment deals, global news, and much more. 

Creating a secure shelter from the ground up, purchasing high-quality survival food without breaking the bank, and installing a long-lasting power system are some of the essentials on the prepper’s checklist. WeBunker.io has partnered with some of the most reputable firms nationwide and is pointing anyone seeking quality disaster preparedness products and services in the right direction.

As imparted by Sammy, WeBunker’s co-founder, the company’s vision is to “build a global network of bunkers where members would have easy access to a safe and secure shelter in the event of a potential disaster.” 

The firm was founded by two technology industry professionals who are diligently working on expanding WeBunker’s reach and database.

More information about WeBunker.io is available on the company’s official website.

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