Appomate Launching Germinate Seed Funding Program, Empowering Aspiring Start-ups With Much-Needed Financing Opportunities

February 20 19:35 2023
Appomate is an app development specialist focused on helping first-tech entrepreneurs. The company is launching its Germinate Seed Funding Program with the first cohort starting on the 7th of March 2023.

Only the lucky few start-ups and emerging brands are fortunate to be backed by high-profile angel investors and VCs while the majority of emerging companies have to seek financing options wherever they can.

Appomate, a premier app development firm is on a mission to make app entrepreneurship accessible for everyday citizens and increase the rate of success for app startups. More importantly, this company is launching Germinate Seed Financing Program as an answer to the issues dozens of aspiring start-ups are faced with. 

As imparted by Appomate’s spokesperson, the motivation behind creating and launching Germinate Seed Financing Program stems from the lack of options and knowing how to pursue financing opportunities. The firm’s spokesperson conveyed that Appomate is constantly communicating with numerous forward-thinkers with brilliant visions but who do not possess the money to see them bearing fruit, stating:

“We speak with so many passionate founders with great start-up ideas but they often lack the funding or the knowledge to raise funds for their idea. We wanted to solve this problem and give a chance to these passionate founders and their amazing ideas,” the company’s spokesperson said. 

The company has partnered with a respected capital firm to create a comprehensive seed fundraising program engineered to give tech entrepreneurs an opportunity to raise initial funds for their projects and start-up companies. 

As a full-service app development partner, Appomate plans to complement its Germinate Seed Financing Program with its core solutions, enabling its clients to scale as their start-ups grow. 

Appomate’s experts have been diligently working on this program for twelve months and are now extending an offer to the first eight start-up founders/owners to kickstart their projects and make their dreams come true. 

The first cohort of the Germinate Seed Financing Program will start on the 7th of March 2023. Applications to the program can be filed on Appomate’s official website.

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