The Resiliency Of We The People Of The United States In Challenging Times By Anthony J Demarco Bringing Together Historic Precedents

November 23 22:15 2022

Masterfully written, Dr. DeMarco delivers an outstanding work that combines philosophy, American history, and a view of world politics with his unique perspective as a World War II United States Marine Corps veteran and deeply religious soul.

The United States military has been the world leader in defending freedom for over 200 years. It has helped many other countries acquire their freedom through direct military action or by example and encouraging them to help themselves. The Resiliency of We the People of the United States in Challenging Times by Anthony J DeMarco is a challenging read about politics and crisis and the kinds of decisions that are made in times like this.

Author Anthony DeMarco explores the meaning of freedom, political servitude, and the relationship between religions and the institutions of power. Yet, it is through the American spirit and the unbreakable value of life, demonstrated by many, like those in this book, that will allow the USA endures through travails of the past and present. A time for awakening and renewal, both personally and nationally.

Serving in the United States Marine Corps during World War II, Anthony J. DeMarco was honored with Most Distinguished Award and co-organized and coordinated the Memorial Service at each annual reunion of the SMDA. His work deals with American history, political science, and religious thought in general. It concludes that there have been many times in the USA’s long existence as a free country where the foundations of what made them great have been severely tested. However, they have always come through these difficult times to emerge with an even stronger America.

It is a path-breaking book that is informative, inspirational, and educational. The labor of love and exhaustive research conducted by Dr. DeMarco will keep readers glued and ready to turn the page to see what comes next.

Even the most amateur historian will be very impressed with the number of facts; research that went into each chapter, and some might even choose to pass it off as their work. But more importantly, it will touch the heart in ways one can only imagine. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to know about America, and it also makes a perfect gift for anyone in law enforcement or military service.

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