Central Park Puppies Launches a Blog Series Called Puppies of New York

October 19 15:42 2021
New “Puppies of New York” Blog Series Showcases Unique Puppy Personalities in a Fun and Lighthearted Way

Central Park Puppies, an online puppy ordering platform headquartered in Yonkers, New York, launched a new blog series called “Puppies of New York”, as a parody of the popular “Humans of New York” blog, featuring lovable real-life stories of puppies, instead of human beings.  

With a mission statement of “bringing puppies and families together to foster happy memories”, Central Park Puppies aims to highlight the actual lived experiences of customers who have become the forever families of the puppies they have acquired through their online paltform. The “Puppies of New York” blog series is produced by checking-in and interviewing past customers to get an update on their furry family members on how puppy life has been going. Those interviews are then turned into weekly blog posts, creatively told from the puppy’s unique point-of-view. 

Central Park Puppies’ CEO, Julian Perera, believes that the idea for the “Puppies of New York” blog series couldn’t have come at a better time. “2020 was an emotionally-difficult and depressing year for a lot of people”, he stated. “Dog owners already know how comforting our pups have been for us throughout this pandemic. In talking with our staff, we realized that many people didn’t have a furry companion to cuddle up with, so we began asking ourselves if there was a way that we could share with others that heart-warming joy puppies provide. With all the scary and negative news out there, ‘Puppies of New York’ just seemed to be the perfect way to give people an escape from all the noise. After all, there aren’t too many people who don’t love seeing pictures of a cute puppy. We’re just taking that a step further by accompanying those pictures with fun and lighthearted stories about what it’s actually like to be a dog.”  

When done responsibly, getting and caring for a puppy may bring several positive effects in addition to the pure and natural joy people experience. Studies show that puppies can help lower stress and blood pressure, improve sociability across all ages, increase resistance to allergies, encourage exercise, improve the immune system and best of all, provide a surplus of unconditional love. “Puppies are a natural feel-good remedy for the human soul and spirit”, Mr. Perera added. “Our hope at Central Park Puppies is that these personal pup stories will help bring a little light and joy to whoever reads them.”


Central Park Puppies is a leading source of puppies from premier breeders across the U.S. Families across 30 states in the East Coast of the United States can order a new puppy online with free delivery to their homes. Puppies are delivered by Central Park Puppies’ USDA-licensed partners in state-of-the-art puppy transport vehicles adhering to high standards as they come specially equipped to help provide proper pup care throughout travel. Each puppy transport vehicle is fully sanitized, insulated, temperature controlled and staffed by a team of experienced puppy caretakers to properly handle the puppies until they are safely delivered to their forever families.

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