Zeus Marketing, The Renowned Canadian Marketing Firm

September 18 04:15 2021
A Dominant Force In The World of Inbound Marketing.

It would be fair to begin this article by quoting the ancient Greek poet Sophocles – “The dice of Zeus always fall luckily.” The founders of Zeus Marketing, Tyler James Ferguson and Jacob Bonofiglio would surely resonate with this quote, but not as much as they strongly resonate with another quote from Sophocles – “Without labour nothing prospers”.

The two childhood friends, who would refer to each other more as brothers from another mother, started Zeus Marketing with the intent of taking over the world of marketing, one client at a time. At its inception, the company’s name “Zeus Marketing” wasn’t formed with a theological intent, as much as it was formed on the ideology of being the best of the best, within the marketing industry. The Toronto based founders realized that there was a major lack of substance within the marketing industry and it was time for a change, the people were ready for Zeus, but their competitors weren’t….6 years later, Zeus Marketing is proudly sitting on the top of Mount Olympus, servicing celebrity clients, attending fashion shows, traveling the world, rubbing shoulders with business magnates, and working exclusively with some of the best companies the financial and construction industries have to offer. Zeus Marketing’s team has greatly attributed it’s success to the company’s culture; based on comradery, honesty and restless work ethic.

Recently, Zeus Marketing was proud to launch it’s renovation focused subsidiary – Simple Reno.com. “After many years of assisting renovation contractors, remodelers and builders increase their revenue and grow their businesses, we decided that Simple Reno would truly bring value to the market. We’ve been extremely excited with the response so far. Throughout the years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping some pretty big renovation companies in Canada flourish, like one of our clients AGM for example, when we first started with AGM, they had close to zero online presence; it’s been amazing to see their company grow as rapidly as it has.”

We asked that the founders of Zeus Marketing kindly share a few tips that would benefit budding entrepreneurs that are interested in marketing and they happily shared the following:

1. “Try and position yourself at the forefront of trends. Zeus Marketing is very focused on trying to understand what the future of marketing will look like. We know that it’s inevitable that the future will greatly involve artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our company is rapidly evolving and we are currently immersing ourselves in these emerging technologies, to keep our strong competitive edge.”

2. “Try to build and keep a killer team. Without a solid team of intelligent and driven people, your company won’t go anywhere. One of the hardest things a company can do, especially at the early stages, is to attract and retain good people. If you can do that, you can do anything. To quote the late and great Steve Jobs – “Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people.”

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