Teen Entrepreneur Morgan Broome Launches 3 Businesses amidst Pandemic

June 01 21:31 2021
While school’s out, Morgan used his time to launch a forex trading company, a property investment firm, and a clothing line.

As a 15-year-old teen in Cheshire, England, Morgan Broome always dreamed of starting a business while in school. When the pandemic hit his homeland in 2020, Morgan used his free time to launch his first business in September. Now, the budding teen entrepreneur has two more businesses. He has also donated thousands to LoveButton.org, a non-profit organization that supports educational and humanitarian programs. Aside from that, he has found a way to inspire and empower fellow teen entrepreneurs worldwide via TikTok. In his account, Morgan shares helpful business tips and more. His account has over 100,000 followers as of this writing.

“I’ve always loved making money and hustling but I’m always busy with school work. As COVID hit and the first lockdown happened, I started learning and trying different methods to make money and that soon turned into building businesses. Many projects failed over those months and a lot of time and money was lost in the process. However, that didn’t phase me though as I knew this is what I am passionate about and I knew this is what I want to be doing in the future.” Morgan said.

Morgan used his income from his forex investing company to serve as an investment for his other business plans and ideas. His next venture after his first one is a property investment company named The Property Group. This venture seeks to teach courses to people interested in building passive income from properties.

Morgan’s other business, ENTPR, is a clothing brand that aims to inspire and give hope to more young entrepreneurs who are passionate about building businesses like him. He believes that the world needs more young entrepreneurs. To promote his advocacy, he thought of inscribing his beliefs and words of encouragement in the t-shirts he sells. Through this venture, he’s able to express and share his entrepreneurial thoughts with the world.

While he is busy on his three businesses, Morgan still finds time to share more of his advice to the young ones through the popular social media platform TikTok. He regularly updates his followers on this platform for a more personal approach. His advice for young entrepreneurs is to balance school and the passion for business.

“Use school as a place to try different things. Once you find something you love, put everything towards it. Also, don’t let anyone discourage you, just focus on yourself and your future. Helping to inspire other young people is my main goal and I’m sure many of you want to have this as their main goal as well.” He said.

Currently, Morgan is setting his sight on bigger goals. These goals include the reduction of plastic materials on the planet. He wants to see more alternatives to plastics and views this as one of his future business themes. “This is our only planet, treat it well,” he said.

For more information on Morgan and his businesses, follow him on Instagram @morganbroooome.

About Morgan Broome

Morgan Broome is a 15-year old teen entrepreneur from Cheshire, England. During the pandemic, he was able to jumpstart his first venture that eventually opened to two more businesses as he increased his capital and investments. He is an advocate of young entrepreneurship and has supported various causes like the non-profit organization LoveButton.org. As a young business owner, he also advocates for a plastic-free planet.

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