Popular TikTok Influencer Kilianandmaruta claims to live in an Alternative Reality

May 14 16:04 2021
Popular TikTok Influencer Kilianandmaruta claims to live in an Alternative Reality
Talented social media content creator, Kilianandmaruta, continues to enjoy rave reviews on Instagram and TikTok for his/her spectacular videos

Kilianandmaruta has continued to attract attention from different parts of the world for the elaborate claim that he/she lives in an alternate world. While many are downright confused and perplexed, they continue to support Kilianandmaruta’s social media profile because of the engagement of the shocking videos that they see. The social media content creator has become increasingly popular in recent times, amassing more than 2 million followers on TikTok and Instagram, with over 100 million views and 30 million likes.

Kilianandmaruta’s claim to exist in an alternative reality has left many looking for answers. Questions are also being asked about who Kilianandmaruta truly is. No one seems to know if the person behind the account is male, female or otherwise. The user’s constant display of disturbing videos with empty streets supermarkets, malls, opening cars, breaking into hotels, shops and all kinds of businesses all point to the existence of an alternative empty world, but no one can say for sure. 

Some viewers believe it to be an ad for an upcoming Netflix show and, according to the comments, it reminds of popular sci-fi films or series such as Alice in Borderland, I am legend, The Matrix, The Walking Dead and others. Kilianandmaruta has mastered the art of turning his/her TikTok account into a source of entertainment, with some of the videos exceeding over 20 million views.

The videos posted by Kilianandmaruta are mindboggling, to say the least, offering an amazing mix of suspense, mystery, and incomprehensible fun. Kilianandmaruta has grown to become one of the fastest rising content creators on TikTok, with tons of positive comments and millions of likes coming in from fans.

As expected, the most common comments that accompany Kilianandmaruta’s videos are all from perplexed viewers. While many continue to wonder if Kilianandmaruta’s videos were extracted from a movie set, others are awestruck by what seems to be “amazing editing skills”.

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