Houston, Texas’ Innovative B2B Networking Strategy: Targeting High-Value Whales

February 24 19:06 2023

Innovative sales and business development company, Landing Big Whales, LLC., looks set to challenge the status quo in the business world by helping clients accelerate their growth by landing bigger deals with bigger customers.

The team at Landing Big Whales, LLC., led by the passionate and experienced Jason Jimenez, an authority in the space of Risk Mitigation, Insurance, Cyber Security Threats, has officially launched their services to help founders, owners, and CEOs of small to medium-sized businesses achieve accelerated growth by landing bigger deals with bigger customers.

At Landing Big Whales, we provide comprehensive training in building a network of referrals. Our goal is to give our members the tools they need to create relationships and grow their businesses while transcending geographical boundaries – and our new chapter in California affords us an even greater opportunity to do just that.” – CEO, Jason Jimenez.

Based out of Houston, Texas, Landing Big Whales is a pioneering business-to-business networking organization that is committed to helping entrepreneurs and professionals reach their goals. The high-quality training and development programs offered by Landing Big Whales are designed to empower networkers with valuable tools and expertise that allow them to strengthen their existing referral networks and create new relationships. What makes this organization unique is its innovative approach to providing exclusive membership packages that grant access to private events, intentional meetings that develop connections, and issues faced by business owners – all without geographic limitations.

The strategic sales and business development company has developed the LBW business model, a unique approach built around creating a professional network whereby helping others transfers to assisting each individual within the network. Otherwise known as The Spiderweb Effect™, LBW aims to develop the strength of a web and its agility through the network. The goal is to help businesses transcend the typical sales, marketing, and development processes to embrace proven, proprietary solutions and tools for identifying, scouting, and landing whale-sized accounts, with a growth rate of 10-times the industry average.

Landing Big Whales, LLC. has also announced its membership site for entrepreneurs and small business owners to receive exclusive training and networking opportunities to level up their business. This will ensure that business owners do not have to break the bank hiring professionals and can deploy their limited resources to other vital aspects of their organization.

The company leverages the common goal of every member of the organization to impact each other, communities, countries, and the world.

Jason Jimenez will leverage his diverse experience to help business owners achieve their goals. Jason is an award-winning professional with his profile, including acquiring and exiting companies without any of his own money. Some of the awards and recognitions he has received include the 2020 Best of the Best winner as Top 3 Insurance Agency in Houston, Texas by Houston Chronicle, 2014 HBJ 40 under 40 winner, and 2012 National Republican Committee Businessman of the Year. He is also known for his philanthropic and non-profit side, helping raise $7 million through The Fanatical Change Foundation to help the needy. Jason also recently created his new Foundation dedicated to impacting Charities and people making transformational change through The H.O.P.E Foundation. (Helping Other People Every day).

To find out more about Landing Big Whales’ training programs or receive an invitation to visit a chapter, go to www.landingbigwhales.com.

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