Satoshi Airlines New Web3 Gamified Fly-to-Earn and Travel-to-Earn Business Model

February 24 16:56 2023

Satoshi Airlines is the world’s first Fly-to-Earn application that utilizes the airline reservation system, GDS. Users of the Satoshi Airlines application can take advantage of the Fly-to-Earn model and earn rewards for boarding flights via GDS. Every time a passenger boards a plane or arrives at their destination, they can expect to receive tokens. This transforms the air travel experience from a high-cost expense to a token-rewarding activity. Flights can become cheaper and frequent flyers can get some of their money back from Satoshi Airlines rewards.

Satoshi Airlines aims to provide a unique experience for millions of Web3 and crypto enthusiasts. We will create a new way of air traveling while introducing a global community of travel enthusiasts to the decentralized web, distributed apps, blockchain technology, and crypto industry. Individuals versed in the workings of the crypto industry can fully take advantage of the benefits of Satoshi Airlines’ services. Not only will there be rewards for boarding flights and arriving at destinations, but users can also expect to experience the gamified elements of the application.

Fly-to-Earn and Airplane NFT Cards

One of the key aspects of Satoshi Airlines’ Fly-to-Earn model is the utilization of Airplane NFT cards. Owning an Airplane NFT card will give users access to the Fly-to-Earn model which grants flight rewards. Users can further upgrade their NFT cards to unlock more features and access better rewards.

For instance, Michael is a basic-level Airplane NFT cardholder and has booked a flight through the Satoshi Airlines app. He will be traveling from Hong Kong to Guam. Once Michael arrives in Hong Kong, he will receive SAP tokens based on the mileage traveled. Furthermore, Michael can earn more rewards if he allows Boarding Pass cardholders to virtually board his Airplane NFT during a mining flight. This will grant rewards for both Michael and the virtual boarding passenger. 

It is also important to note that Airplane NFT cards have different rarity levels. The rarity dictates the mining potential of an NFT card. The Common Level, the lowest card level, provides minimum mining potential. The UFO Level, the highest card level, provides the maximum mining potential. For users who want to maximize their earning potential, acquiring a UFO-level card should be a priority.

Users can upgrade their Airplane NFT cards using tokens and improve various stats. These upgrades can strengthen a card’s durability and improve its mining potential. As such, investing tokens for Airplane NFT card upgrades should be a priority for users. The more tokens users spend on upgrading, the better rewards they can get.

The Future of Satoshi Airlines

Our vision spans more than Satoshi Airlines’ application technology. We aim to eventually build a travel business in Bali, Indonesia and contribute to the travel industry. We believe that Satoshi Airlines’ Web3 game elements, Fly-to-Earn and Travel-to-Earn model, and blockchain-based technology is the perfect innovation in the travel service industry. Our business model can provide a sustainable service that would allow users to get affordable flight prices while also earning rewards every time they travel. 

Satoshi Airlines’ future is filled with great potential for the company, investors, and users. As the community grows, our envisioned future comes a step closer. Visit us at today to learn more about these opportunities.

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