5SSM-1 Coffee Bean Huller Parchment Coffee Hulling Machine

February 24 15:06 2023
5SSM-1 Coffee Huller is new type of production. It is used for hulling/shelling coffee beans and widely in coffee food industry and company.

Short Description:

5SSM-1 Coffee Huller is new type of production. It is used for hulling/shelling coffee beans and widely in coffee food industry and company.


Model  5SSM-1
Capacity    2000 kg/hour
Hulling motor                                   22KW
Vibrating rotary motor 0.75KW
Dimension (L*W*H) 1560*1530*3980 mm
Weight 800 kg






  • Finest hulling results even with high percentage of small cherries.
  • Easy to adjust, quadruple use by inversion of two-piece hulling drum, mistake-proof fitting, made of low-abrasion sheet steel with special perforations and in­dentations and individual drive for each component thus avoiding interference machine delivered completely wired thus facilitating machine,
  • Our range of Cross Beat Coffee Huller machines are robust, well engineered, compact, user friendly and versatile, therefore this can handle a variety of materials.
  • Dynamically balanced Blower assembly, an oscillating screen for greater separation in efficiency and accuracy in the coffee processing line.
  • A sturdy, all-steel construction with sealed, life-time lubricated ball-bearings.
  • The few susceptible parts to wear can be replaced easily without dismantling the machine and are available at reasonable prices. Normally, the machine is fed by a cup-and-belt elevator selected from our range of models. However, if silo feeding is preferred then a dosing and feeding screw conveyor may be supplied on demand.
  • Swing down doors allows quick and easy access to the hulling cylinders for cleaning or replacement of blades and perforated screen.
  • Individual motors attached to the Huller, Blower and Oscillating screen ensures constant speeds resulting in optimal and smooth, also trouble free performance.
  • Higher output with lower power consumption. Four side’s reversible wear resistant hulling blades provided.
  • The user friendly features of these machines enables easy adjustments of process parameters.

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