Foundation Vocal Course launches 12 week vocal training intensive

February 24 19:02 2023
The only vocal course recommended by other voice coaches

Foundation Vocal Course is the new branch of Kegan DeBoheme’s Bohemian Vocal Studio vocal training studio.

Bohemian Vocal Studio was launched in 2010 in Sydney, Australia and the original Foundation Vocal Course training course was launched online in 2014. Foundation Vocal Course has now become a dedicated training studio for online voice coaching and the highest tier of online vocal courses.

Foundation Vocal Course has recently launched the 12 Week Vocal Training intensive which is the first comprehensive training schedule of it’s kind in the world, including personalized coaching with Kegan via Skype and access to the whole schedule of vocal courses currently available at

Foundation Vocal Course has become known as the vocal training studio of choice for voice coaches, professional singers, touring singers and is recommended by many record labels that use the service to ensure that tours and recordings are performed without a hitch – an important consideration for large tours where there are insurance considerations or concerns about sustainability and health of the singer’s voice.

The 12 week training schedule is hosted online as a mix of online training courses and personalized training that ensures no stone is unturned in the pursuit of absolute perfection and sustainability for the singer.

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