How this Dentist is Creating Lasting Wealth in Unexpected Ways

February 23 19:24 2023

Dr Imran Kassam, a dentist by qualification, is packing away his tools after over 10 years of looking after his patients without gaining much satisfaction from his profession. Although he was bringing in a handsome paycheck, his heart was just not in it. To Dr. Kassam, a family man, true wealth meant freedom. Being highly dissatisfied with having to spend long hours at his dental practice, he soon realized that, ‘being rich is having money, but being wealthy is having time’.

Today, Dr Kassam is making waves in the real estate industry by leveraging his business acumen and knowledge to amass more wealth through property investments, while also having quality time with his family. In just three years, he has already made an impressive £6.5 million through his company, iKEK Property and is ready to share his success story with other dentists – helping them create ample wealth for themselves. 

Since then, Dr. Kassam has been following a very successful strategy of investing in properties and creating wealth from it. His investment approach is guided by market research and strategic analysis, which helps him stay ahead of the curve when it comes to buying, developing, and selling property at the right time. This meticulous approach has enabled him to acquire massive profits over the past three years, despite being relatively new in the industry; something which speaks volumes about his expertise.

All these successes have motivated Dr. Kassam to start teaching other dentists who want to create more financial freedom for themselves, by entering into the property development space. As part of this venture, he will also be launching a podcast soon where he will discuss various strategies that can help fellow dentists earn their desired level of income through investing in properties responsibly and intelligently, while mitigating risk factors at the same time. 

To get in touch with Dr Imran Kassam and learn more about his property investment strategies and how he can help you, follow him on Instagram @imrankassam_wealth.motivation and send an email to [email protected]

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