Disrupting the Personal Injury Legal Business with the Co-Counsel Model of Representation, Bringing a Major Shift in How Personal Injury Lawyers can be Retained on Big Cases

February 21 11:27 2023
The Meyer Law Firm (themeyerlawfirm.com) is a law firm on the forefront of using and promoting the co-counsel model of representation for substantial personal injury matters.

The co-counsel model of legal representation has been around for decades. Co-counsel arrangements are often used by large corporations and other highly sophisticated consumers of legal talent. The idea is that the ideal legal team for important cases sometimes consists of the complementary talents of lawyers from different law firms. Large corporations are in an ideal position to leverage the advantages of having teams formed with co-counsel from different law firms because they regularly hire lawyers and often have deep knowledge of the respective talents of a wide range of lawyers, including the stars or experts in certain sub-specialties at different law firms. One of the basic functions of an in-house legal team at a large company often includes knowing who the go-to lawyers are for different needs of their client. This allows these big companies to pick and choose specialized legal teams by ignoring the boundaries of which law firms happen to include which lawyers.

Large corporations may use a co-counsel strategy to litigate legal matters that may involve a controversy involving far less money at stake than many catastrophic personal injury matters. But they use a co-counsel model because they can, and because the are far more sophisticated consumers of legal talent than the average personal injury victim.  Tailored co-counsel representation is now within reach for catastrophic personal injury victims in the United States. As explained by the company’s spokesperson:

“Until recently, there has not been a clear path for personal injury victims with cases of substantial value to leverage the co-counsel model as large corporations can. Instead, even in big personal injury cases, potential plaintiffs had to shop for a lawyer, often for the first time in their lives, using resources like billboards, TV advertisements, and websites without the help of an experienced guide with incentives aligned with their own.” 

The Meyer Law Firm is evangelizing the benefits of the co-counsel model of legal representation for catastrophic personal injury victims. Hundreds of personal injury victims have chosen The Meyer Law Firm and its co-counsel model of representation for serious personal injury claims. 

More information about The Meyer Law Firm is available on the www.themeyerlawfirm.com

More information about The Meyer Law Firm is available on www.themeyerlawfirm.com

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