Regina Davis Is Making Her Debut As An Author

February 21 04:32 2023
Regina Davis Is Making Her Debut As An Author

As the anniversary of Larry Davis’s untimely demise approaches, which occurred on February 20, 2008, at Shawangunk Correctional Facility in Wallkill, New York, his Family and his Estate take the opportunity to celebrate his life, to confirm the estate’s contact information, and to reiterate his plight to media and the general public. Moreover, they also announce an upcoming podcast and subsequent autobiography in his honor.

In the embattled 1980s Bronx, New York, Larry Davis rose to prominence as one participant in a shootout with corrupt police officers who were engaged in the covert sale of various contraband including narcotics, green cards, and guns. Although he initially assisted the corrupt officers with the sale of contraband, Davis ultimately attempted to cooperate with trustworthy authorities to prosecute the dishonest officers and to stop the sale of illegal contraband. However, the corrupt officers learned of Davis’s cooperation with the honest, upstanding officers and followed Davis to his sister’s, Regina, apartment on the night of November 19, 1986, where a shootout ensued. Six of the thirty police officers at the scene were shot. Yet, Davis escaped with just a minor gunshot wound to the head and fled the area. For 17 days, the largest NYPD manhunt in New York City history followed. Ultimately, Davis surrendered to the FBI and was acquitted of the charges related to the shooting of the police officers on the theory of self-defense, but Davis was convicted on charges in an unrelated case. He was killed in prison years later, after being stabbed multiple times during a fight in the yard with a fellow inmate.

As a father-figure, brother, son, uncle, friend, and mentor, Davis fought against police corruption while attempting to support himself and his family in the economically frustrated conditions in the South Bronx in the 80s. His determination to seek justice despite his role in the sale of contraband demonstrates that he was a noble man with established morals and a loving family.

The family and Estate of Larry Davis remind the media and the general public that the primary point of contact for them remains Larry’s sister, Regina Davis. For all event information and updates please follow Regina Davis Belashova on Facebook.

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