Fast Turn Chip car-grade chips are easy to use and avoid pitfalls

February 21 08:06 2023

The problem of “long delivery time” for branded chips has become a problem in many industries. Automakers want to produce cheaper and faster chips in developing countries, but they are worried about quality issues. It is inevitable that this material is only a stopgap count.

But does the production of automotive electronic chips in developing countries really only have the advantage of low prices?

In fact, brand chips have grades, and the difference in grades of chips produced in developing countries is relatively small. However, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of branded chips with cheap prices, and it is difficult to talk about operability; while chips produced in developing countries are of a higher grade than overseas chips of the same price, with better quality control and advanced cost control.

Under the wave of localization and core shortage, the isolated power supply solution of discrete devices with automotive-grade chips and supporting transformers can solve most of the current problems. Fast Turn Chip automotive-grade products meet long-term market verification, and have corresponding power solutions in BMS battery management system, compressor drive system, PTC heater, motor drive system, etc.


1. Reliability management and control of automotive grade products

There are modules and self-built solutions in the car-grade products, and the chips and transformers in the self-built solutions are self-designed. The entire product line is strictly controlled in accordance with the IATF16949 quality management system, and complies with the zero-failure supply chain quality management standard system. At the same time, the reliability verification of automotive electronic components can pass the AEC-Q100/200 standard, in which the automotive-grade chips meet AEC-Q100, and the transformer meets AEC-Q200. By training employees and setting up separate automotive production lines to meet the requirements of automotive-level systems, the reliability of Fast Turn Chip’s automotive power supplies, chips and other products is highly guaranteed.


2. Vehicle-level chips and supporting solutions tend to be perfect

Fast Turn Chip’s automotive-grade products can be roughly classified according to the following application schemes. Chip products start with SCM, transformers start with CTT, and modules start with C. For example, BMS and PTC have IC solutions and module solutions to choose from. The IC solution is a chip with a transformer, and the module solution is a single module product.


Taking the battery management system BMS as an example, its general composition is shown in the figure. Power isolation and signal isolation are required between battery packs of different voltages. Isolation processing can adopt IC+transformer discrete solution, and the output voltage that Fast Turn Chip can achieve with existing products covers 5V/9V/10V/12V/15V/20V; if customers have special needs, Fast Turn Chip can also provide customized services. The chips SCM1212B and SCM1209B independently designed by Fast Turn Chip are matched with CTTF/CTTFB series of transformers. SCM1212 can work normally under the low input voltage of 3V, and it will not be damaged under the impact of high input voltage of 9V for 1S, while the input of SCM1209 is 8-30V , with a wider range.


3. Cost reduction, compatibility, good delivery time

Fast Turn Chip automotive power supply adopts independent control IC, domestic components are independently controllable, and have long-term market verification.

Cost reduction with technology: independent IC frequency jittering technology disperses frequency and reduces single-point noise radiation; simple peripherals can meet high-level EMI and corresponding EMS.

The design meets the mainstream needs: Fast Turn Chip not only understands technology, but also understands users. Compatibility and refinement are the main points of product design at the beginning, so that users can quickly respond to their needs, whether it is new design or localization of materials.

Expansion of production capacity: Fast Turn Chip has a separate and dedicated automotive production line to produce automotive-grade products, and the plant area is increasing year by year, providing a strong guarantee for fast delivery.

4. Summary

With the trend of automotive integration, downstream demand continues to superimpose domestic substitution in the automotive electronics supply chain and accelerates, and local automotive electronics supporting hardware manufacturers are ushering in a golden period of development. The power supply of the automotive electronics vehicle system has strict industry norms. Based on the perfect power supply research and development platform for rapid response, subdivided needs, and refined products, Fast Turn Chip is committed to providing one-stop power supply solutions for the automotive electronics industry.


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