How Sydney-based Entrepreneur Hubert CHU, founder of MERKLE TREES, is Fulfilling His Childhood Dream of Traveling the World, flying all Business class While Empowering Start-Ups on a Global Scale in 2023

February 20 23:30 2023

The article profiles Sydney-based entrepreneur Hubert Chu, who is embarking on a world tour, flying all Business class in 2023 to fulfill his childhood dream of traveling while also helping start-ups through his company MERKLE TREES. His journey will span 7 continents and nearly 6 laps around the globe, and he plans to share his experiences through social media platforms. Alongside his travels, he is committed to helping start-ups achieve their full potential through MERKLE TREES, which offers corporate strategy brand marketing and Investment services. With his expertise in personal branding and coaching, Hubert hopes to inspire others to pursue their own travel dreams and see the power of travel in shaping one’s life.

Get ready to be inspired by Sydney-based entrepreneur Hubert CHU as he embarks on an epic journey around the world to fulfill his childhood dream while helping start-ups succeed. Hubert is the founder of MERKLE TREES, a leading consulting and investment firm based in Sydney. With a passion for travel and business, Hubert will take off on a journey spanning 7 continents and nearly 6 laps around the globe, with 31 business class tickets redeemed through miles, starting on February 21, 2023.

Hubert’s journey promises to be filled with unforgettable experiences and moments of wonder. Throughout his adventure, he will have the opportunity to see cherry blossoms in Japan, eat fried chicken in South Korea, experience the vibrant nightlife of Hong Kong, taste the delicious cuisine of Taiwan, take a breathtaking hot air balloon ride in Turkey, study Krav Maga in Israel, spend a month in New York seeing the iconic Statue of Liberty, explore Europe with a base in London, witness the stunning Aurora Borealis in Northern Europe, marvel at the ancient pyramids in Egypt, witness the Great Migration of animals in Africa, and spend Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024 in the Antarctic surrounded by the breathtaking glaciers and icebergs of this remote region.

But this journey is about more than just fulfilling a childhood dream. Alongside his travels, Hubert is also helping start-ups achieve their full potential through MERKLE TREES. The firm specializes in corporate strategy, brand marketing, and investment, with a track record of helping companies achieve rapid and sustainable growth. With a team of experts in new media brand marketing, the firm is well-equipped to help start-up companies develop effective marketing strategies that leverage short videos and live broadcasts, which are crucial for distributing and sharing content in today’s digital age.

At MERKLE TREES, clients work with experienced consultants and investment professionals to understand their unique needs and goals and receive customized solutions tailored to their specific challenges. Hubert has personal experience in creating a strong personal IP and was ranked among the Global Top 10 education bloggers on WeChat Channels by HaoBang in 2020. He has also worked closely with a blockchain start-up since 2017, leading it to the silver medal in the finals of an international start-up competition out of 1.09 million teams, and helping a logistics company in China from zero to number one in exports from China to the South American market during the epidemic. He has featured in top media such as People’s Daily and Global Times and has been an industry mentor with the University of Sydney since 2019 to enhance students from both Engineering School and Business School to understand entrepreneurship better. Hubert is also passionate about coaching and good at helping others discover new meanings of different things. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coaching Federation (ICF) and he is ready to apply for Master Certified Coach (MCC).

In addition to his travels and work with start-ups, Hubert plans to document and share his journey with the world through his self-publishing media platform on and on different social media platforms, including YouTube (@hubertchu2023). By sharing his experiences, Hubert hopes to inspire others to pursue their own travel dreams and the power of travel in shaping one’s life.

Join Hubert CHU on his epic adventure around the world and explore how travel and business can intersect in amazing ways. From savoring the delicious cuisine of Taiwan to experiencing the breathtaking natural wonders of the world, Hubert’s journey will be filled with unforgettable experiences that no one should miss. Looking for a start-up company seeking to establish a strong brand image and attract more customers, MERKLE TREES INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT ( is the perfect partner to unlock the company’s full potential. Get ready to be inspired and experience the adventure, self-discovery, and realization of a childhood dream with Hubert CHU.



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