How to select right machines for cosmetic powder?

February 20 16:00 2023

Cosmetic powder machines  are mainly used for the production and packaging of dry powder cosmetics. This article will introduce the classification, application and production process of cosmetic powder machines.If your factory needs to produce powder cosmetics, or is more interested in the production process of powder cosmetics. Then this article will definitely help you.

Gienicos cosmetic powder machines are mainly used for:loose powder,Face powder/Foundation/Blusher,Eyeshadow.The picture below shows our product categories.

Different products also have different production processes.

The following is the classification picture made by GIENICOS based on the above picture.

A:Auger filler to fill

B:Siftering — Powder mixing — Pulverizing — Up bottom Compacting

C:Siftering — Powder mixing — bottom up Compacting

The GIENICOS cosmetic powder machine has it all. There are also other machines customized according to customer needs.

From the classification diagram, we can see that in addition to the conventional cosmetic powder mixer, we also have Powder Case Fluing Machine. In the production process of powder cosmetics, GIENICOS machine classification is very complete, contact us to get The whole package.

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