An exclusive interview with Bilal Ali Ali, a renowned Lebanese celebrity hairstylist

February 20 02:48 2023
An exclusive interview with Bilal Ali Ali, a renowned Lebanese celebrity hairstylist
An exclusive interview with Bilal Ali Ali, a renowned Lebanese celebrity hairstylist
Hairstyling has been his passion and dream since he was very young. And after years of experience and after working very hard to achieve his dream, he is now classified as one of the best men’s hairstylists in Lebanon. He is Bilal Ali Ali. And who doesn’t know Bilal? Here is an exclusive interview with the well-known hairstylist Bilal Ali.

1) Would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Bilal Ali Ali, a Lebanese men’s hairstylist. I have been working in the domain for 18 years. Hairstyling was a dream that I worked hard to achieve, and thankfully I was able to make a hit in the market.

2) So is hairstyling a dream or a career you sought after?

Actually, hairstyling has been my passion since I was very young. Just like anyone who dreams to be a model, fashion designer, architect, etc., my dream was to be a hairstylist and to work for celebrities and stars. I worked very hard to achieve my dream, which is actually my career for now. So we can say that hairstyling is a dream that turned into my career.

3) You are known for being the hairstylist of most celebrities and stars, would you please give some names of them?

Yes, I have been working for celebrities and stars for years. I have worked for Mahmoud Naser, Carlos Azar, Abd Ulmunem Amayri, Mohamad Akil, Wissam Sabbagh, Cheb Khaled, Fady Kataya, Ayman Zaydan, Moatasem Alnahar, and many others.

4) What do you dream of now that you’ve achieved the main one?

I am really thankful for achieving my dream of becoming one of the best and most well-known celebrity hairstylists in Lebanon. For now, I can say that it’s time to go abroad to Lebanon, to achieve fame in other regions. And I believe that I can do it, but success needs time.

5) You have a huge number of followers on your Instagram account; do you care about the number of followers?

In other words, does it mean that much for you to have this huge number of followers? I usually don’t care for numbers. But actually, followers are everyone’s 2nd family. I consider them my support system. So I can’t say that they weren’t part of my journey. I used to share with them every single moment of my journey. I saw their love and support during my ups and downs. I saw their pride as I reached success. They are my mirror; yes, they are the place where I can see my image.

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