Storytellers Anonymous: A Full-Service Content Creation Agency That’s Obsessed with the Story

February 18 00:28 2023
The Storytellers Anonymous team is creating unique and compelling video storytelling content for brands worldwide.

In an age of information overload and disposable content that can easily fall prey to the whims of the flashy and frivolous trend machine, Storytellers Anonymous is on a mission to create content that resonates. Storytellers Anonymous is a video production and content creation studio based in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in commercial advertising and original content. They are a curated collective of like-minded filmmakers, producers, writers, creative directors, photographers, designers, artists, and thinkers who create unique visual content for brands, agencies, and organizations around the globe.

Storytellers Anonymous proudly calls themselves a band of misfits hopelessly smitten with the moving picture.

“We are hopelessly addicted to telling stories. We’re enthusiastic and confident about what we do and enjoy the whole process from the early concept stages through planning, production, post-production to the finished product- and we get to build amazing relationships along the way,” says Cory Pampalone, Owner, Director, and Chief Creative of Storytellers Anonymous Moving Pictures Company. “We have diverse backgrounds, decades of global experience, a bleeding heart for the craft of visual storytelling, and an active understanding of the media consumption landscape,” he continues. “In other words,… we’re obsessed.” 

At a time when social media, streaming, and endless amounts of video content are filling the screens of everyone on the planet, strong storytelling is the key to cutting through the noise and reaching people at a personal level. Whether part of a content marketing strategy, ads program, YouTube, broadcast, or omnichannel experience, the stakes are higher than ever to break through and connect with the right audience. That’s where strategic storytelling paired with expertise in the craft comes in. 

“We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality filmmaking, video, and photography content to advertising agencies and clients all over. There are countless stories that need to be told; that’s why our collective of award-winning directors, producers, cinematographers, photographers, and artists delivers more than the sum of our parts every single time,” says Pampalone.

“We are Storytellers ‘Anonymous’ because there is no room for ego to breathe in this business. The work should speak for itself,” he continues.

The Storytellers Anonymous team has worked with several high-end brands to create captivating storytelling content. They invite advertising agencies and direct-to-brand companies to collaborate with them to create memorable and effective video storytelling content.

Listed below are some brands with which Storytellers Anonymous has and continues to collaborate with:

–  Verizon
–  Ford, Audi, Jeep, Jaguar
–  The Weather Channel
–  Airstream
–  Kellogg’s
–  Bob Evans
–  Deloitte
–  Ohio and Kentucky Lottery
–  The Smithsonian Institute
–  Aquafresh
–  Smartypants Vitamins
–  Big Lots

To Infinity…

Storytellers Anonymous provides services to agencies and brands worldwide and is proud to work with local crews on projects when they travel. They are a full-service studio for commercial advertising, video production, and content creation. Equipped with an incredible amount of insight, experience, and raw creative intuition, they are always looking to forge new partnerships with agencies, brands, and companies that seek to elevate their brands’ value.

Advertising agencies and direct-to-company marketing teams interested in collaborating with them are encouraged to visit their website listed below for more information.

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