Oladele Samuel and Standard Bank of Love Foundation: Uplifting the Vulnerable and Bringing Smiles to Faces Across the Globe

February 17 22:09 2023

Nigeria’s young and vibrant philanthropist Oladele Samuel and his team in a bid to give back to the society is now a household name known for uplifting the the fallen, giving hope to the hopeless, sending back Poor children to classrooms and putting smiles on the faces of the elderly through the Standard bank of love foundation, an idea born our of love for humanity. 

The young champ seeing the sufferings of the ordinary masses across the globe especially the vulnerable who are Women Children and the elderly, took it upon himself to intervein through free will donations in form of financial, moral and material support by so doing puting smiles on the faces of the poor.

Women, Children and the elderly have been identified across the globe as the most vulnerable set of people. 

This is no rumor as various statistics affirms the assertion.

This set of people and those who are ill or with pre-existing health conditions or disabilities are particularly vulnerable especially when a disaster strikes. 

Between 2020 and 2050, the older African population is projected to triple from 74.4 million to 235.1 million.

Its growth in the next three decades will outgrow that of any other region of the world.

Nigeria has the 19th largest older population in the world in 2020, which is projected to rise to the eleventh largest in 2050.

Africa has the highest total dependency ratio in the world, with children representing a heavier societal support burden than even older people.

Seven in 10 adults ages 60 to 64 and almost half of those age 65 and older in sub-Saharan Africa remain in the labor market, a higher share than in all other world regions because the system did not provide a proper retirement package for them.

Another issue is that, most communicable and non-communicable diseases dominate in older adults in Africa, as they do globally, but infectious diseases are still relevant as causes of mortality in this older population.

Elderly African women have also reported higher rates of disability or functional limitations compared to men and they are also more likely to account for a greater severity of difficulties performing activities of daily living.

Talk of the health care systems for African older adults; rural residents in particular, suffer from understaffing of health workers, inadequate financial resources, scarce legal health coverage, and high payments.

According to data, the current total for children under the age of 5 in Nigeria stands at nearly 31 million while each year at least 7 million babies are born in all of these, a little over one in three of Nigeria’s whole population lives below the poverty line, among children this proportion surges to 75 per cent, it is even suspected to be higher considering the low levels of birth registration, in some areas.

It is to this end, that the Standard bank of love foundation under the leadership of Oladele Samuel  will never relent in doing good. 

This foundation is a self driven initiative born out of love and compassion for the Poor, Women, Elderly and children who are facing difficulty in meeting their daily needs.

We can only smile comfortable when those around us smile too.


– Include love in your daily transaction –

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