Charles Langford Showcases His Roots In Jazz With His Latest Single “For Ellyse”

February 17 12:42 2023

Charles Langford’s recent single “For Ellyse” will be part of Langford’s new album and a focal point for his upcoming US tour. Smooth and sophisticated, his music is the product of a life dedicated to his love for jazz and uplifting listeners.

At a young age, Charles Langford began listening to jazz music with his father who taught him how to differentiate the jazz greats of the time. This also helped to build his appreciation for the genre. Soon after, he began writing songs and playing jazz sax, which allowed him to be a part of the local jazz scene. He had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest names in jazz at the time including The Temptations, Dennis Edwards, Solomon Burke, Archie Shepp, Donald Byrd, Steve Turre, Koko Taylor, Susan Tedeschi, Melissa Morgan, Yusef Lateef, Jimmy Haslip, Russell Ferrante, Avery Sharpe, Yoron Israel and many more.

Langford aimed to use the tools that he learned from both his father and influential musicians to immerse himself in the local music venues. However, he realized that to truly evolve, he had to expand beyond the local jazz scene. He spent several years with his band touring the country, eventually logging hundreds of shows. It was during this time that Langford also began writing music for the CBS daytime drama “The Young and the Restless”. Doing this allowed him to gain exposure to new markets.

“For Ellyse” is the latest single from Langford and his current group of great musicians. Although some may classify his music as smooth jazz or adult contemporary, experimentation and musical prowess allows Langford to craft melodies that bend traditional conventions. However, he does this without straying too far from the root material that he learned from some of the truly greats within the jazz genre. Look for his new album this fall, and enjoy his latest single available now.

Over the next few months, Langford and his band are working on booking venues across the United States as part of a countrywide tour. The tour will feature some of the biggest names in modern jazz. For more information on Charles Langford and his traditional yet experimental style of jazz music, visit his official website at Music fans can also check out his past releases on his YouTube channel or even contact his booking agency at for more information.

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