Wild Bliss Organics: Raise a Cup of Tea to Health

December 09 22:30 2022
Organic wellness teas handpicked from the wild

When it comes to wellness, nature plays an important part in keeping people emotionally, psychologically, and physically healthy. That is precisely why Wild Bliss Organics is bringing a wide variety of wild herbal teas to connect people back to nature.

Wild Bliss Organics brings premium wild wellness tea, sourced from the pristine Carpathian Mountain region of Romania to the US market. They believe that ethically sourcing medicinal herbs from the wild is the only way that they can truly offer authentic wellness experiences. Each of the herbs that they use are carefully gathered by hand in pristine wild meadows where it’s immediately air dried and sealed to preserve its freshness and botanical potency.

The range of teas that Wild Bliss Organics focuses on are wild herbs with a long history of traditional medicinal use like elderflower, burdock root, chamomile flower, dandelion root, hawthorn leaf and flower, linden flower, nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, thyme herb, and yarrow flower. For instance, elderflower is known for being packed with quercetin and other powerful bioflavonoids, making it a perfect tea option for those who wish to address concerns with their respiratory and bronchial health. Another famous tea variant is the hawthorn, which is known for centuries to be a good source of wellness properties for heart health.

Wild Bliss Organics honor honesty and transparency with their customers, collectors, local communities, and retail partners. They only use pure wild dried herbs in their herbal teas without adding any flavor or other additives. Additionally, their herbal teas also have a USDA Organic Certification, ensuring that every product is free of pesticides and impurities. Wild Bliss Organics have partnered with a recognized third-party Organic certifier through Ecocert to regularly inspect their collection centers and processing facilities. In fact, they even go above and beyond organic in their production as they strive to deliver Pharmacopoeia potency herbs, which is the gold standard in wellness herb quality. It means the natural beneficial compounds are well preserved for you to infuse and enjoy.

Pure source, rigorous process, and powerful herbs— this is what Wild Bliss Organics is all about. As a proud vertically integrated small family business, Wild Bliss Organics exceeds the tea industry standard which has at least two to four middle men involved in the supply chain. By having strict control over quality, every cup of tea from them is assured with freshness and botanical potency.

Put on the kettle and get ready to enjoy a refreshing and natural cup of tea. Visit https://wildblissorganics.com to know more.

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Wild Bliss Organics is a company that offers authentic wellness experiences with their variety of herbal teas made from organic wild herbs.

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