Coach Sunitha Sandeep Launches A.W.A.K.E. Inside-Out Program for Radical Leadership Transformation and Self-Growth

December 09 22:27 2022
Coach Sunitha Sandeep Launches A.W.A.K.E. Inside-Out Program for Radical Leadership Transformation and Self-Growth
Sunitha Sandeep helps leaders unleash their true potential with Ancient Wisdom, Scientific Healing, and Conscious Embodiment.

Transformative Executive Coach and trauma-informed thought-leader Sunitha Sandeep is challenging leadership cultural myths and delivering real results for high-performing executives with her transformative signature coaching program, A.W.A.K.E. Her mission is to help high achievers break free from their inner-struggles, so they can unlock their true potential for impact and engage in their professional & personal life with more meaning, joy and fulfilment.

Today’s hustle culture has created a generation of leaders who relentlessly pursue money, power and achievements in the hopes that it’ll lead them to a meaningful existence. However, this mindset has led to burnout and a deep-rooted sense of emptiness and unrest. On the surface, they seem to live perfect lives, but on the inside is a spiraling storm of exhaustion and overwhelm.

As a fellow high-achiever, Sunitha understands the struggle.

In her coaching sessions, she deep dives into the different aspects of one’s consciousness that are suppressed or repressed. This allows clients to align all parts of their being and be fully present in themselves. When this happens, they can tap into their incredible potential, and bring greater impact to the world around them – with ease and flow, and without the overwhelm, exhaustion, and fear.

Sunitha’s coaching method is radical and thought-provoking, taking its roots from ancient wisdom, scientific healing, and conscious embodiment. Her inside-out approach puts clients at the forefront of their radical shift, enabling them to achieve the clarity to connect with their deepest selves and understand what’s blocking them from a life of true happiness and success. She helps her clients realize they don’t have to sacrifice one aspect of their life for another. They can thrive in their careers while building meaningful relationships with their loved ones.

Sunitha goes beyond traditional coaching to guide her clients into a new more meaningful way to live and lead. She empowers them to cultivate a deeper connection with their source truth, guiding them toward the path that’s always been theirs to walk. Her coaching programs and masterclasses have led to tangible results for many struggling leaders. They went from burnout, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled to invigorated, confident, fulfilled, and grounded leaders.

“Today, I am able to live a better, fulfilled life, spending such quality time with my kids and my family. I feel like a new person after the program.”

“My life was a mess with severe burnout and anxiety. The program has really helped me. Not only did I get promoted, I have a closer relationship with my spouse and kids, and still have the time and energy to follow my passion.”

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