7 Things Business Owners Need to Pay Attention to When Filling SBA Lynx Payment Form

August 12 16:24 2022

Eligible for Relief Program from SBA Lynx Payment

After the economic crisis of 2019, According to the Law and provisions of the independent organization SBA Lynx Payment, business owners in the United States with less than 100 employees and are not part of an agricultural business. In case the business owner has participated in other reliefs such as Merchant Cost Forgiveness, or from another organization, to re-enroll the right to apply for Refund Merchant Authorization Fee, the business owner can contact SBA Lynx Payment directly on the website for assistance.

In addition, for those who have registered but it has expired, SBA Lynx Payment supports re-registration from business owners. 

The IP is the business identifier

The IP is determined by the satellite location, after logging in via an electronic device. This is the identifier of each business. This code is attached to the business to ensure that when registering via the satellite system, the SBA Lynx Payment organization can accurately identify the business owner who is implementing the refund program, excluding processing service fees.

According to the 2020 Law, determining to vote or participate in support programs in the United States, in addition to direct signing, individuals or businesses can register to participate in online information through defined signing systems. Therefore, recent support packages from individuals, governments to organizations are completed through this system.

The program from SBA Lynx Payment can be considered as a source of income

According to Mr. David Matney, the Refund Merchant Authorization Fee project has high security, large storage capacity, and large coverage allowing the integration of many accompanying applications: digital signature applications, biometric applications, one-time password application, cash register system, POS, enterprise expense reimbursement can be widely used and connected for public and private services.

In addition, the relief part also gives businesses an effective source of revenue for the salon in a passive way.


The RMAF registration procedure is quite simple

To apply for the Forgiveness program to reimburse business expenses, business owners need to fill out the RMAF Online Form. If the enterprise’s information is already in the Database, the enterprise will be compared by the officer with the declaration information with this Database. If the information is correct, the enterprise will continue to confirm it online. If the information is not accurate, the enterprise will provide documents for comparison and comparison.

In case the business is fined

Clause 1, Article 10 of SBA Lynx Payment organization stipulates, warns or imposes fines on individuals and businesses that impersonate, profiteer, impersonate or give false information “intentionally” for fraudulent purposes.

The information stored in the file

The RMAF program will save information such as Full name, date of birth, lost expenses, and what percentage of expenses will be refunded.

Information will be absolutely safe, only the business owner after signing can keep and keep it confidential, and only when there is a special request, this information will be extracted.

Refund Merchant Authorization Fee Program with IP location can replace a lot of paperwork, so keep the following in mind so your business doesn’t lose out!”

SBA Lynx Payment RMAF Online Form: https://www.sbalynxpayment.org/rmaf-online-form

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