Austin Tree Services Helps Homeowner Prepare Landscape for Fruit Planting After a Large Tree Removal Procedure

July 05 19:18 2022

Austin, Texas – When Kim left Texas about 20 years ago, he planted trees on his landscape to avoid leaving it empty. After returning to Texas, the homeowner wanted to do something more productive with the piece of land. According to the homeowner, a close friend advised him to turn the land into an orchard.

When the friend mentioned turning the land into an orchard,” said Kim, “the first thing that came to mind was the work that would go into turning the tree-covered area into farmable land.”

Kim reportedly knew that the first thing that would help him was investing in tree removal. He spent about a week looking for a tree removal team that could handle the tree removal procedure. After talking to several homeowners near the piece of land he wanted to turn into an orchard, the name Austin Tree Services kept surfacing.

This company,” said Kim, “Austin Tree Services, was suggested by more than 90% of the homeowners the family talked to about the tree removal procedure. Most of these homeowners had numerous good things to say about the company—these included the company’s affordability, a team with decades of tree service experience, and modern tree service tools.”

The homeowner reportedly decided to do his research online. The first place he looked was the company’s official website——to see if the company inspired any form of trust. The homeowner was surprised to learn that the company had been in business for over 25 years and boasted state-of-the-art tree maintenance tools.

What sealed the deal is the company’s Google My Business page,” said Kim. “The company had numerous testimonials on the page. All of the homeowners who had reviewed the company had written positive comments. This suggested that Austin Tree Services was a company the family could trust. The wife called the company on the same day after checking Google My Business and the company sent someone to take a look at the landscape and provide a cost estimate.”

Kim was surprised that the company provided a very affordable cost estimate. The company was going to remove more than 60 trees in a week. However, the price was less than $30,000. The homeowner expected each tree to cost at least $1,000 to bring down—this would have amounted to a total of $60,000. He was surprised when the company charged less than half of the cost he had expected.

The family didn’t even need to negotiate,” said Kim. “When the company presented the quotation, the family just asked the team to get started with the tree maintenance procedure the following day.”

Austin Tree Services reportedly started working on the tree removal procedure early the next day. Maintaining the same arrival time—which was 6 am—and leaving time (7 pm), the company worked 13 hours every day. Removing an average of 10 trees daily, the company finished the tree removal procedure in 6 days.

On the seventh day,” said Kim, “the company’s team of professionals arrived on the landscape to remove the waste generated by the entire procedure. Also, as part of helping the family establish an orchard, the company removed all 60 tree stumps together with their roots.”

The homeowner noted that he decided to send the company a tip of $5,000 after the help its team of tree cutting professionals had offered. He noted that the company helped prepare the tree trunks into logs that he could sell to timber companies. The homeowner reported that he would keep using the services offered by Austin Tree Services.

Austin Tree Services’ base of operation is located at 5555 N Lamar Blvd #111, 78751 Austin, TX. The company can be contacted at 512-982-4843 and [email protected]

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