An Emerging New York-born Independent Artist Marcus Alland Consummating His Dreams with Professionalism, Dedication, and Devotion

June 30 03:39 2022

The artist’s professionalism and dedication to being on the top have helped him become one of the emerging artists of New York.

Since being born in Queens, Marcus Alland spent his early years as a citizen of New York and was determined to achieve bigger things in life. In later years, while being shifted to Maryland, he started developing a considerable interest in music while continuing to work on his craft as a rapper and producer. The beats of the drum in church captured Marcus Alland’s imagination at an early age, and he dreamt of one day becoming areliableand passionate artist. He started working to live his dreams and polish his skills to become a recognized voice and artist while gaining a huge fan base.

In his early years, Marcus Alland was super influenced and deeply inspired by his brother, Kendrick Lamar, Hit-Boy, and many other renowned artists, and the inspiration helped him start creating his beats. Within two years, the lyrical content was added to the beats, and up to this day, he has mastered a lot of advanced music techniques and branched out into different genres while still maintaining his sound while remaining authentic and keeping substance. Since Marcus Alland is an undeniably giftedpersonality possessing the skill to produce high-quality music, he has recently been able to draw the attention of many successful music producers and artists. Additionally, during these years, he got the opportunity to polish and enhance his musical skills while working tirelessly to attain his dreams.

“At the age of 14, I was captivated by the beats of the drum in church. With influences from my older brother, Kendrick Lamar, Hit-Boy, and others, I began to create my beats. Two years later, I added lyrical content. From then to the present day, I am constantly learning new music techniques and branching out to different genres creating my sound while still keeping the authenticity of music with substance,” says Marcus Alland.

Having a self-reliant and persistent nature, he has strived to accomplish his dreams and overcome any hurdles that might come in the way. He specializes in creating songs that have messages in them that people can relate to and take inspiration from them. His skills, compassion, professionalism, love for the craft, and openness to communicate with others are the leading reasons he is admired by many senior artists willing to collaborate with him.

Furthermore, with a strong sense of determination, Marcus Alland is looking for opportunities to work with esteemed individuals to build credibility and get more recognition and fame. Being an individual artist, he serves as an inspiration to many of his fans for being able to step up and start chasing his dreams and become one of the leading emerging artists of New York.

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