Born Carpentry LLC Explains How to Determine When A Roof Needs Replacing

May 19 07:27 2022
Born Carpentry LLC Explains How to Determine When A Roof Needs Replacing
Most homeowners and business owners don’t think about their roof until it leaks. But that shouldn’t be the case; it’s important to do a regular roof inspection to ensure that it’s structurally sound.

Andover, MN – Born Carpentry LLC mentioned a few good indicators of a roof that needs replacing, including leaks, mold, dents, bald spots, and more, in a website post. In addition, the company highlighted how one could tell if a roof ought to be replaced. 

When determining if a roof needs to be replaced, it’s advisable to start by checking the inside, specifically the attic. If there are beams of light coming through the top of the house or stains and streaks, that signals a leaky Ham Lake roof that should be replaced as soon as possible before there is extensive internal water damage.

The next thing to do when determining if it’s time for a Ham Lake roof replacement is to determine the roof’s age. When a roof is over 25 years old, all its essential materials begin to fail and develop signs of damage. Manufacturers recommend replacing asphalt shingled roofs after hitting the 20-25-year mark. 

Checking the shingles is also essential when accessing if a roof needs replacing. Shingles should lie flat against the roof, so if there are any curled shingles or missing shingles, it’s probably a good time to contact a Ham Lake roofing contractor.

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