Function and working principle of water purifier [Recommendation of water purifier] Water filter OEM/ODM

May 17 15:41 2022


Functions of central water purifier(RO WATER PURIFIER

Central water purifier is a kind of water treatment equipment. It can effectively filter out chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and solid suspended solids in the water. The post activated carbon treatment will further remove various organic substances in the water and make the treated water clear and clean.

The central water purifier is installed in the main inlet pipe to filter the sediment, rust and other large particles in the tap water. The imported core filter materials such as KDF and coconut shell granular activated carbon can absorb the chlorine in the tap water that poses the greatest threat to human health and the harmful substances such as different colors and peculiar smells in the water, so as to improve the taste of the purified water.

Working principle of central water purifier(UNDERSINK WATER FILTER

People need to know clearly that the function of water purifier is to purify water, and its core part is the filter element. The water source becomes safe and healthy water through the purification of the filter element. The physical methods are mainly divided into adsorption and filtration. Adsorption method: activated carbon is the most commonly used material. There are many micropores inside it, so it has super strong adsorption capacity and can effectively adsorb organic pollutants in water. In addition, during the activation process, some oxygen-containing functional groups are formed at the amorphous part of the activated carbon surface. These groups make the activated carbon have the properties of chemical adsorption, catalytic oxidation and reduction, and can effectively remove some metal ions from water. Filtering method: different filtering materials are used, and the filtering accuracy is also different.(TABLETOP WATER DISPENSER

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