The Books of Egu LLC Releases The Forerunners Gospel Trilogy

May 12 17:18 2022
Providers of interactive learning solutions, The Books of Egu LLC., announces the release of The Forerunners Gospel, a trilogy of faith-based mobile video games and visual novels

The team at The Books of Egu LLC recently added to their plethora of amazing resources designed to help make learning fun, with the release of The Forerunners Gospel. The faith-based mobile video games and visual novels trilogy is created in line with the goal of making faith fun again while bridging the gap between faith, media, and technology.

Learning can be sometimes boring and monotonous, especially for kids who want a bit of fun in the process. It is even more worrisome when learning about faith-related subjects, with much of the content not particularly relatable to students. However, The Books of Egu LLC is looking to change this narrative by using technology to help people learn more about the scriptures, as substantiated by the launch of The Forerunners Gospel.

The Forerunners Gospel was created based on the story of John the Baptist, with the plot set in the year 2200 using playable characters. Players are required to help Jon, Peta, and Jude escape following their wrongful imprisonment and subsequent banishment to the dystopian city of Nemean. It offers amazing, immersive gameplay that includes completing missions and trying to get away from the cops. The John the Baptist-themed game offers a fantastic mix of mission-based car chasing and cop chase car games, allowing players to display their driving skills and their ability to can cope with high-pressure car chasing, especially when followed by a live TV helicopter. It also a puzzle and stealth fighting gameplay in the parts 2 and 3, all apps available differently on the App Store and Google Play.

Features of the 2d car chase game include an original storyline, retro-inspired police chase simulator, dramatic live TV channel feed of the police chase, a map to view the quest and directions, and gas and reverse, to deliver an all-inclusive gaming experience to players.

All three parts of The Forerunners Gospel are currently available on the App Store and Google Play for users of iOS and Android devices across the globe, as the developers look to use the game to build a faith based gaming community, which will feature live shows where kids compete and win prizes, amidst plans to take the show on tour for any ministry.

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The Books of Egu LLC was created to make learning fun by offering the principles of education, sports, faith, and social justice through gaming, animation, film, and interactive content. The goal is to bring the future of interactive storytelling to as many people as possible across the globe by leveraging the power of technology.

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