Anupa Rao, Author and Mental Health Advocate, Narrates Her Battle with Mental Health Struggles

May 11 20:04 2022
Mental health has been an area of concern for countless today; Anupa Rao tells us about her struggles

New Jersey, United States – In her book, Breakthroughs – Stories, Poems, and More to Heal and Find Your Higher Self Through It All, Anupa shares her inspirational stories about overcoming insurmountable odds. The offering presents a refreshing viewpoint for those who endured it all and still managed to get back to their feet. 

Breakthroughs is an anthology of several short stories about the struggles faced by people virtually daily. The author, Anupa, not only tells us what she had to go through because of her struggles but also tells other similar stories. A humorous yet engaging collection of stories and short poems that keeps us engaged and begging for more till the last page.

Anupa Rao resides in New York and holds a medical background. As a passionate writer and humanitarian, she aspires to spread positivity and happiness through her humorous yet introspective literature. Her mission is to help as many people as she can and instill hope to live the best they can. 

For more information about Anupa Rao or her book, email at [email protected]. You can also connect with her or join her family through the links below.

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