Producer Ramon “Swift” Sloan Delivers the Drama with “Untangled”

January 25 22:15 2022

Milwaukee, WI – January 25, 2022 – Untangled follows a man who’s experiencing strained relationships with his family and two women who are all seeking attention from him in ways that he’s never provided. Milwaukee native, independent writer/producer Ramon Sloan co-wrote the screenplay alongside Dewayne Edwards and Erin McKenzie. Co-executive produced along with his father, Ron Sloan Sr., and co-produced with Steven Love and Erin McKenzie.

“The cast and crew were great, with being in one location, and with everyone jammed in such a small space presented its challenges, but we fought through them,” says Sloan. “We shot the film in 7 days, which was the first time we were able to wrap a film up that soon. I wanted to see if we could pull it off without compromising the quality of the movie and I think we did a great job at accomplishing that,” says Sloan.

Sloan fostered the idea for the film from by witnessing many relationships with similar hurdles. In addition to this, he saw how some women would handle marital and relationship affairs.

“All too often we see women self-destruct and act in very irrational ways towards “the other woman” after discovering infidelity of their spouse. There’s not enough dialogue taking place to educate young women on these matters. And one of these reasons for creating this film was to shed light on the issue,” says Sloan.

Untangled tells the story of a somewhat dysfunctional family headed by actors Jamal Woolard, who plays “Malik” and outside of the movie is known as a respected Hip Hop lyricist who rose to fame in the role of Notorious B.I.G. in the major motion picture Notorious in 2016. Supporting Actress Tory Monay, plays his wife Diana.

Their marriage is on the verge of divorce when things take a turn for the worst after their family receives a visit from Malik’s other woman, Tasha (a woman who’s battling mental health issues, that will be later revealed in the film). The role is played by Milwaukee native and HipHop Artist Kaylee Crossfire, who is known for her appearance on the Netflix, hit series Rhythm & Flow, hosted by T.I. Cardi B, and Chance The Rapper.

“One of the most memorable moments was shooting the end of the film, says Sloan,“ to see Kaylee embody her role was amazing to say the least. This was her first role, and she did an excellent job of giving us what we needed. Jamal did a dope job as well and brought similar energy to his character.”

In recent years, Ramon Sloan has put his talent to good work, by bringing stories to the screen from a unique perspective. His most notable work is the documentary of rapper Coo Coo Cal, a cautionary tale about the Milwaukee-based chart-topper whose career derailed at the height of his success. He has crushed the movie screen with his hit trilogy Circumstances 1-3, that tells the story of Keyshawn Watson and T.A. Smith, who are men living on the edge, played by Kenyatta DeEtt and Demaris Harvey. During Circumstances 2, the bad FBI agent Li Chan, played by Ciera Angelia, enters and all chaos ensues. DeEtt and Harvey are reprising their roles from the first movie, as more characters enter the fray. Circumstances 3 is currently in post-production and will be released in the Spring of 2022.

Juggling the jobs of producer, writer, and director may seem like a lot, but Sloan takes it all in stride as he builds his empire with a stellar team. Sloan recently launched an e-learning class, Swift Motion Pictures Movie Mastery Course, in an effort to assist other aspiring filmmakers in getting their work produced and distributed.

“I want people to see that at Swift Motion Pictures, we’re putting our all into these films. It takes much patience, a team, and dedication to do what we’ve been doing. I think that our supporters know and appreciate that, and we are grateful for each one of them. We have many projects in development, from movies and documentaries, to a docuseries and a reality show. Our goal is to continue telling stories that entertain and to deliver some with meaning. Rather its fiction or non-fiction, all of our pieces have gems, and touch on perspectives of the environment in which myself and countless others have inhabited.”

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