Miami Marketer Announces its Latest Project, the CSConference, Sponsored by Dragon X

January 25 21:48 2022
Miami Marketer is the leading business and crypto marketing automation agency. The brand announces that CSConference is scheduled for June 11 and expects over 10,000 virtual attendees.

The leading marketing and sales automation brand in the region, Miami Marketer, is preparing to host a live virtual conference for investors, traders, and developers. More than fifty expert speakers will reveal their thoughts and opinions on the latest digital trends, diving deep into hot topics of DeFi, DAO’s, Web3, dApps, and the impact of rapidly emerging Metaverses in the market.

The event is sponsored by Dragon X, one of the most prominent marketing platforms engineered for the Web3 economy:

“Every business needs to get the word out to acquire customers, and the DeFi space isn’t an exception. For the decentralized economy to flourish, a trusted, effective and powerful marketing platform is essential; that’s what we’re building here at Dragon X.”

With the backing of the aspiring decentralized marketing platform, the organizational aspects of the conference will be pristine; the roster of professionals and experts who will attend and share their marketing tips was extended, and the brand has a more robust budget for prizes and accompanying events.

Miami Marketer expects over 10,000 attendees and diligently prepares for the upcoming digital conference. The planned date for the CSConference is Saturday, June 11th, 2022. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience live virtual expo booths while discovering the latest trends in DeFi, web3, DAO’s and more.

As the leading marketing automation agency in Florida, Miami Marketer plans to expand its reach even further with the upcoming conference. Despite being one of the most distinguished names in the marketing industry, Miami Marketer recently entered the DeFi world with plans to reinforce its position through the CSConference.

Carlos Vazquez, the founder of Miami Marketer and CMO of Dragon X, is on a mission to educate agencies and entrepreneurs to flourish in their respective niches. Miami Marketer’s services were invaluable to thousands of satisfied clients, many of which are eagerly waiting to attend CSConference thirsty for more knowledge. And the company is fully dedicated to living up to the expectations.

Charlotte Tzabari, a verified customer of Miami Marketer, pointed out in a statement:

“Carlos’s knowledge and contribution was the missing piece to complete our digital marketing strategy. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, super helpful, and his professionalism is confidence-inspiring. I also feel 100% communicated with and in-the-loop, both about the big picture strategy we’re executing and the more technical aspects of what we’re doing,” said Charlotte.

Aside from Carlos, dozens of industry experts and distinguished professionals will attend CSConference in June 2022. Miami Marketer’s customers, DeFi-curious investors, and thousands of traders will receive an opportunity to tap into the ever-expanding world of Metaverses, non-fungible tokens, decentralized autonomous organizations, and more.

More information about Miami Marketer and CSConference is available on the brand’s official website.

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