Braeden Rhys, An Internationally Acclaimed Multi-Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Marketing Mastermind, Continues To Make Headway In The Global Scene

January 25 21:45 2022
Named as one of Australia’s leading young entrepreneurs, Braeden has built a multi-million-dollar marketing and public relations agency that is internationally recognised, acclaimed and multi-award-winning with over 2,500 clients worldwide.

Evolution expert Braeden Rhys, named one of Australia’s most in-demand marketing masterminds, continues to make waves globally with Axis Global Co. This leading firm provides elite coaching and marketing management for business owners everywhere. 

“At Axis Global Co, we treat marketing, advertising, public relations, and business launch investments with confidence, with a trusted industry expert by our client’s side every step of the way,” says Braeden Rhys, also known as Jett Black

Heralded as amongst Australia’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs, Braeden has been known to deliver results for all industries, no matter the niche. At present, over 500 clients are currently working with Axis Global Co, from high-end cosmetics to start-up digital applications, adult entertainment venues, to budding entrepreneurs.

Clients have trusted Jett Black for his highly acclaimed expertise in Branding, Graphic Design, Video and Photography, Digital Marketing and Media, Advertising and Public Relations Management, Business Development, Event Production and Entrepreneurial Consultancy.  

Jett, also the founder of X Awards Global, has worked with over 5,000 businesses, entrepreneurs and entertainers worldwide. In addition, he has also been a guest lecturer for private universities in Australia with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy and Digital Communications.

The young entrepreneur has received several accolades in the last years, one of which was Australia’s Top 100 Entrepreneur honour, where he was cited for building a game-changing business that supports adult businesses and adult entertainers with their digital marketing, website design and advertising, both online and offline. 

Jett originally started off with $1000 in his bank account and a lot of earned education degrees in Marketing, Hospitality Management, and Human Resources Management, among others, before entering the adult industry for over a decade and made headway as a proud creative individual and eventually built an empire.

“I took the money I had earned and invested this into starting my own business using my qualifications and studies, some industry experience and small network of industry contacts to launch what is respected today as a multi-million-dollar international marketing and public relations agency,” Jett shared.

Jett’s companies, Sweet Release Agency and Axis Global, have over 2,500 clients worldwide, with offices in New York, Melbourne and Sydney. He serves clients in several industries, including Hospitality, Tourism, Luxury Cosmetics, Government, Universities and Education, Celebrity Entertainers, Adult Businesses, Retailers, High-End Fashion and Online Dating Apps.

With his business empire now riding on a crest of a wave, all due to his dedication and passion, the multi-award winning adult industry marketing and public relations professional looks to expand the business to Asia and Europe with two new offices in the coming years. He has an international team of experts who handles projects with over 50 years of combined expert experience. Every client works with Jett personally as their brand, marketing, publicity and media strategist.

Those who want to learn more about Jett Black and his leading firm Axis Global Co may visit the website for more information.

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