Dr. Alshouli Contributes in Designing Platform for Healthcare Providers’ Needs, In-Demand Medical Jobs

December 27 22:30 2021
Dr. Alshouli is an orthopedic surgeon whose mission now is to connect doctors, nurses with available work opportunities they can find at Knowndocs.

According to a Public Health Review journal from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Saudi Arabia needs to have around 710,000 medical workers by 2030. This means that there’s still an additional demand of roughly 360,000 healthcare professionals to its current number of doctors, nurses, and other medical workers.

Dr. Mohammed Alshouli, an orthopedic surgeon in the country, understands the gap between the demand for medical manpower and the available healthcare opportunities in Saudi Arabia. To help bridge the gap between the two, Dr. Alshouli launches Knowndocs, an online platform that connects healthcare professionals with in-demand medical positions in Saudi Arabia. It also announces job vacancies in the healthcare industry worldwide.

“Our network, ‘The Plexus,’ is the embodiment of our ideology that this web service shall create. We envision a system that converts IDEA into ACTION. Much like our nervous system, medical professionals and institutions both require a system of neurons to connect, plan, and execute activities. The objective is to unite surplus and deficit units in our job market,” Dr. Alshouli said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected medical systems and networks of healthcare professionals around the world. Dr. Alshouli added that now more than ever, the world needs more medical professionals who will brave the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and remain to be at the forefront of the battle. Since time began, medical professionals have been of service to men. World wars or natural calamities are no match with what medical professionals can do for everyone.

As such, Knowndocs was established from the dire need for the medical workforce to be visible and active in the online world. The platform has transformed into an online community where doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workforce displays their qualifications and achievements on a global level.

Knowndocs provides hosting, editing, online publishing, digital marketing, professional page creation, SEO, and custom content creation. With the platform, users can create their online professional profile, add or edit their career information, upload their CV on a personalized webpage, and more.

Recruiters can also navigate the platform with ease. As Knowndocs’ network contains only healthcare professionals’ databases, companies’ staff search becomes more optimized, presenting the convenience that only the platform can provide.

Dr. Alshouli sees over 1,000,000 medical professionals from leading institutions connect and network with people who have a similar mission and vision. Users can also use the platform to ask medical questions to seasoned doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

All these services are provided for less than a cup of coffee per week. Get the online presence and connection to the world for the cheapest possible cost. Signing up is also cheaper than creating a personal website.

For more information about Knowndocs, visit https://knowndocs.com/individual_reg.

About Knowndocs

Knowndocs is the leading professional network by a healthcare expert, for the healthcare community. It is an online platform connecting thousands of available medical careers to thousands of healthcare professionals looking for the most fulfilling positions around. Built on “The Plexus” network, the company promises a system that converts IDEA into ACTION. Its mission is to curate professional information tailored to the evolving needs of today’s widest and biggest healthcare system requirements.

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