Catalyfe: Introducing a new approach to education and personal growth

December 27 20:33 2021
The e-learning platform for timeless soft skills that schools do not teach

“Soft skills will be a major driver of the workplace transformation in the future. Creativity, persuasion, people management and emotional intelligence will present a higher demand across all industries than narrow technical skills,” The Future of Jobs suggested.

As people navigate the age of ever-changing trends, Catalyfe has stepped up to provide e-learning tools that cater to learners.

Balanced learning experience

Soft skills are interdependent; it’s not possible to, for example, manage a team successfully without listening actively, making decisions intuitively and communicating effectively. Catalyfe brings a holistic approach to the development of all aspects of life: on professional, personal, intellectual, relational and emotional levels. Their tailored courses, based on real-life knowledge, are broken down into daily lessons and exercises that only require several minutes at a time to complete.

Timeless life skills

The platform focuses on the seven most significant self-development areas of life: Personal Growth, Business & Career, Love & Relationships, Financial Freedom, Family & Children, Health & Wellbeing and Green Living. Catalyfe encourages harmonious self-development, rather than selected skills-based learning. Developing a career, while simultaneously building meaningful relationships, taking care of your wellbeing and caring for nature – such combinations are what bring true joy and satisfaction in life.

Complete system of learning

The best outcomes can be achieved when your learning experience is tailored to your needs. Learn as you go and dive as deeply into the topic as is right for you. Flexible learning formats allow learners to mix and match the content – from free webinars to short practical courses, live masterclasses, personal coaching and podcasts. It’s just so easy to find it all in one place.

Nitin Nanda, the founder of Catalyfe, explains that the platform was born out of a need for this new approach to learning, as well as a liking for education and personal development. Nanda explains that this is to encourage learning timeless skills in order for us to thrive in tomorrow’s world today.

“Our vision is to provide a tailored e-learning experience, connecting your personal growth and the challenges of the future. Catalyfe wants everybody to release the fullest potential within, not just succeed in one particular area. We aim to complement your personal education path to offer a life-long learning experience.”

In line with their promise, Catalyfe is offering a special annual membership subscription that currently allows unlimited access to online courses on the platform. Annual members are also eligible to participate in Catalyfe’s iPhone 13 challenge and win an iphone 13 in a lucky draw.

Catalyfe stands on understanding community, wisdom, growth and compassion. They are calling upon people to take charge of their lives and start a journey of self-empowerment.

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