Toronto Trailers Provide Insight Regarding Auto Hauler Straps

December 23 17:04 2021

Toronto Trailers has finally addressed one of the most perplexing questions in the towing and transport industry: How to safely strap down a car. With over a decade in the industry, the company has tapped into a great reservoir of knowledge and skill by providing newbie truck drivers with a complete tutorial on how to utilise ratchet straps. Undoubtedly, this comes during a time when more drivers are hitting the road, looking to make a living through truck driving.

With safety being a top priority, the company hopes that the released guide will help drivers avoid any potential accidents during transport. According to a spokesman, “One thing that Toronto Trailers has learned over the years is that drivers make informed choices regarding vehicular and transportation needs. While some people tend to rely on experience for such matters, we feel that drivers should always seek knowledge and advice from industry professionals before they venture into the unknown.”

Toronto Trailers has made hauling a specialty among others and would like to point out that the company is happy to provide customers with assistance throughout the entire transport. According to the company, there are a few things that drivers need to remember when using ratchet straps. Firstly, use the correct straps for the job. There are a variety of securement tools on the market, but only a few are designed for auto transport, including a chain binder, ratchet straps, ratchet binder and lever binder.

When using a ratchet strap, ensure that the car’s working load limit is 1/3 of the strap’s break strength. For additional safety, truck drivers can use multiple straps to fasten the transported vehicle firmly to the flatbed trailer. Taking the time to properly secure the car is essential. Always check the straps again before hitting the road. Inspect the tool for any burn marks, mould, cuts, and other types of damage. This will help identify any overlooked potential issues and avoid future dangerous situations.

The wheels are the point of securement when correctly strapping an automobile. Begin with the front wheels, feeding the long part of the strap beneath the tyres and then around the top. Place the “choker” region horizontally, as near as feasible to the steering wheel. Before going on to the next wheel, double-check that the strap is secure. The technique is the same for the back wheels, except that the strap should be fed in front of the tyres.

Distribute the weight equally while fastening an automobile to a trailer. This can be accomplished by inserting materials beneath the car’s structure, such as bricks, blocks, or pieces of timber. Avoid putting too much weight on one region of the vehicle or trailer, since this might cause damage to the vehicle or trailer.

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