Rollga Roller is Challenging the Design of Traditional Foam Rollers

December 22 20:42 2021
The Rollga Roller offers versatility, comfort, and impressive results unseen in flat foam rollers.

US-based company Rollga is introducing its flagship product, the Rollga Roller, to challenge traditional flat foam rollers’ ineffective and outdated designs. The Rollga Roller features patented ergonomic contours that conform with the body’s natural shape, enabling users to experience the maximum benefits of muscle activation and massage. It is ideal for alleviating muscle pain, enhancing mobility, and accelerating recovery.

Many of the flat foam rollers available in the market do not deliver their promised results. Either they’re too narrow and uncomfortable for good rolling, or they’re not fitted to provide precise pressure on specific muscles.

The Rollga Roller’s unique engineering design goes beyond what traditional foam rollers provide by cross-directionally targeting difficult-to-reach muscles without causing any discomfort or pain. Its omnidirectional force distribution aids in healthy blood circulation, essential in muscle healing and restoring fascia lubrication.

The roller also works great for neck and back pain. The Rollga Roller’s grooves target the muscles around the spine and neck, allowing for a deep tissue massage. Unlike traditional rollers, the product bypasses the bones, so users are rolling on muscles, not on bones.

The foam roller comes in three density levels – soft, standard, and hard. The soft Rollga Roller is ideal for beginners or individuals sensitive to touch. The standard version is 35% firmer than the soft version and is suitable for individuals who already use foam rollers and still experience sensitivity during use. The hard version is 25% denser than the standard version and is perfect for individuals looking for a more intense level of force.

All Rollga Rollers are made using professional-grade heat-sealed EPP for premium durability. The product doesn’t lose form, can hold over 2000 pounds of weight, and is extremely versatile. It can be used to exercise a wide range of muscle groups such as the trapezius, shins, glutes, calves, neck, and more.

The foam roller comes with an application, the Rollga App, designed to teach users how to use their rollers effectively. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Since its launch, the foam roller has received thousands of positive reviews from users worldwide. The Rollga Roller is used by Olympic athletes, celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, and leading medical professionals.

“Hands down the best foam roller I’ve ever used! I love how deep it gets into the muscles and how light it is. I’ve used it myself, and it has made a huge difference in my upper back by getting deep into places other rollers can’t.”

“Because of the versatility of the Rollga product line, it allows me to be a detective of my painful spots. Where I experience, pain is not often where the pain originates.”

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