The ‘Uber for phone repair’ is revolutionizing the way New Yorkers fix their devices

December 22 19:12 2021
trufyx is bringing phone repair to you, fast. “Phone repair near me” is not close enough anymore.

Since launching earlier this year in New York, trufyx has permanently changed the way phone repair is done in the digital era. When COVID-19 hit, the idea of waiting for hours at a store was both a fear and health concern for phone owners. trufyx’s solution flipped the script by sending technicians to fix your phone at your location safely. As customers started sharing their 5-star experiences, trufyx technicians served hundreds of phone owners without even marketing the service.

Service hundreds of phones and tablets

Since day one, trufyx positioned themselves with an intriguing mission statement: to eliminate the hassle of phone repair nationwide by 2024. “It is quite shocking to take a close look at the phone repair industry of 2021”, says Jacob Rabi, Founder & CEO of trufyx. “Most labs and repair services still require customers to part ways with their phone for hours or days, like it’s the 80s. This doesn’t meet customer expectations nowadays, which is the reason some people never repair their broken devices. It’s time to change that and make phone repair convenient.

“Besides saving New Yorkers thousands of hours, trufyx is also solving urgent phone issues for businesses all over New York City and Long Island. Every business today relies heavily on mobile devices to complete daily tasks. Having a broken iPhone screen or a broken tablet means slowing down business, or even shutting off completely until the problem is solved – and trufyx Is becoming the go-to solution for businesses.With trufyx, employees and executives do not need to leave their post or house. Service arrives within 3 hours, no matter where they are.

Expanding to new areas

Following the great success in New York, trufyx has plans to expand to New Jersey and neighboring states in 2022. No specific counties or zipcodes have been announced yet, but customers can check their zip code on to see if their area is already covered.

Is it worth it to repair a broken phone?

With a professional repair done, the lifetime of any device can increase significantly. Especially now with the rising prices and chip shortages, getting the most out of our mobile devices is a necessity. To better answer this question, trufyx created a phone repair calculator, which is a free tool that compares repair costs versus the phone’s current price tag. An instant result is presented on the website to help customers make an informed decision in full transparency, within seconds.

A unique offering to local technicians

As trufyx expands to new markets, they are bringing a unique offer to local technicians. Setting their own schedule, getting to meet locals and repair phones in cool places, and getting paid automatically – make all the difference.

Most technicians handle prospecting, marketing, and back-office tasks on their own. With only 40% of their time spent with customers, technicians are excited to finally focus on what they like to do most: repair phones and tablets.

trufyx is revolutionizing the mobile repair marketplace: from customers to businesses, and technicians alike.

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