Sean Stormm Drops New Single Fruitiana Featuring Da Flyy Hooligan and Hazel

December 01 19:56 2021
Talented music act, Sean Stormm, announces the release of a new song titled “Fruitiana,” where he features Da Flyy Hooligan and Hazel

Sean Stormm has continued in the pursuit of “bringing the Afro-Caribbean diaspora to the world” by dropping entertaining yet thought-provoking songs as the singer and songwriter recently collaborated with Da Flyy Hooligan and Hazel to release a new single titled Fruitiana. The song, which is currently available on all major streaming platforms is doing well, judging by the reviews from listeners.

I want the audience to know that they can count on me to bring great music and performance to back it up, no matter what the world puts in my way. I strive to bring life to music because I’ve noticed that in the past couple of years, music has been lifeless,” said Sean Stormm.

The music industry has grown over the years to become a multi-billion-dollar market, playing a major role in the evolution and development of the global entertainment sector. The emergence of a plethora of artists and of course, thousands of songs released every year has brought mixed feelings to listeners worldwide. While the tons of songs give listeners several options to satisfy their yearnings, many of the available songs lack any real content – the feature that endeared millions of people to music. However, Sean Stormm aims to change this narrative while leveraging his Afro-Caribbean roots to create impactful music.

Sean Stormm seeks to use his musical talent as a tool to influence things by creating fantastic projects like the recently released Fruitiana. The talented entertainer has particularly carved a niche in the industry for his captivating performances, practically lighting up the stage in more than 100 shows across the Midwest. His talent has also caught the attention of heavyweights in the industry, opening for big-name acts like Young Thug, Daniel Cesar, Rema, and Mr. Enzo.

I focus on performance As a form of bringing the music to life because I believe just an audio outlet is not enough to make people believe in the message you portray in the music,” said Sean Stormm.

In line with the goal of promoting good music, Sean Stormm has also announced plans to drop several singles in the coming months, with one of the notable ones, being Jaime Ça featuring Yago and Rhamani.

For more information about Fruitiana and other projects from Sean Stormm, visit Instagram and other socials @Stormmgram.

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