Mental Coach Jean Rausis Releases English Book – The World’s Only Foolproof Technique To Never Be Wrong

November 17 08:27 2021
Mental Coach Jean Rausis Releases English Book - The World's Only Foolproof Technique To Never Be Wrong

Athletes need coaching both on and off the field. While most people know about the coaches that help players prepare for a game physically, they aren’t aware that these players also need a mental coach to perform their best. Jean Rausis is a well-known mental coach for athletes, and many young players believe he is the reason why they are always focused during a game or match.

Jean Rausis has helped many different types of athletes with their mental coaching. He has worked with UFC fighters, Olympic athletes, and even finalists in the Fortnite World Cup. His advice is respected by many professional athletes, which is why he has gone so far in the industry.

Successful book launch for Jean Rausis

Jean Rausis recently released a book on Amazon called “The World’s Only Foolproof Technique To Never Br Wrong”. This is his first English release, as the first book he wrote was in French. He decided to write an English version of the book because it was a best-seller in French.

One skill that Jean Rausis has always possessed is winning a debate. He is known around his town as that guy who is impossible to take down when it comes to a verbal debate. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, Jean Rausis will always come out on top.

Every time he goes out, someone new tries to challenge him. Everyone wants to be that person to win a debate against Jean Rausis. However, it never happens. There’s a foolproof technique that Rausis uses to ensure that he is never wrong. 

Now, don’t get him wrong, this guy isn’t full of himself. Jean Rausis is as humble as can be. He knows that he isn’t always right, but he also knows how to never be wrong in any situation.

Learn how Jean Rausis always wins the debate

What fun is it having a secret if you can’t share it with anyone? Jean Rausis doesn’t want to be the only one who knows the secret to win all of the debates. He wrote this book with the intention of helping other people learn the technique of never being wrong. 

The World’s Only Foolproof Technique To Never Be Wrong is now available to purchase on Amazon. To learn more about Jean Rausis and what he will be doing next, follow him on Instagram at

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