Backbar Answers Some Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerators

November 16 22:50 2021

Backbar refrigerators are mini-type refrigerators, especially used for backbar spaces, either placed completely under the counter or built into the backbar space cabinet. In addition to being used in bars, the back bar drink display refrigerator is an excellent option for restaurants and other catering businesses to serve drinks and beer.

The beers and drinks stored in the back bar fridges can be kept well at the optimum temperature and humidity, their taste and texture can be maintained for a longer period of time. There are many different types of fridges for cooling beers and drinks, back bar fridges are most widely used for commercial purposes, in addition to different beers and canned drinks, it can also store wire.

You might be planning to purchase a back bar drink display fridge to help serve your beverages and drinks to your customers. If you have no idea of where to start, don’t worry, there are some common answers for frequently asked questions about back bar refrigerators, hope that can help you prepare to buy one that is perfectly suitable for your business requirements.

Why Do I Need A Back Bar Fridge?

Although you have one or more refrigerators with a large storage capacity for your batch products, it would be better to have back bar fridges if you’re running a bar or restaurant, as that can allow you separately store your beers and beverages at the service area away from your batch storage. Most of these mini glass door fridges can be flexibly located in many places around your store and house, and they allow you to keep your products to be served indoors or outdoors as well as saving interior space in the cabinet. Furthermore, adjustable and precise temperature and humidity allow you to refrigerate certain types of drinks that require their optimum storage conditions.

What Type Of Back Bar Fridge Is Suitable For Me?

There is an extensive range of styles and storage capacities for your options, but it’s easy to choose a proper one that is perfect for your requirements. Generally, these compact refrigeration units come in single door, double doors, and triple doors, you can choose from them according to your need in storage capacity, but you need to make sure if there is plenty of space for their placements, they can be placed under a counter or on the top. You can buy a unit with either hinged doors or sliding doors, fridge with sliding doors doesn’t need extra space to open the doors, so it is an ideal option for back bar area with limited space, but its doors can not be opened totally. The back bar fridge with hinged doors needs some space to allow the doors to open, you can completely open the doors to get access to all the items.

What Capacities/Dimensions Of Back Bar Fridges Should I Buy?

Back bar drink display fridges have small, medium, and large sizes. Fridges with a smaller capacity of 60 cans of beer or less are suitable for bars or stores with a small area. Medium sizes can hold from 80 to 100 cans. Large sizes can store 150 cans or more. Remember that as storage capacity is required more, so will the dimension of the equipment, you need to be sure that you have sufficient space to place the unit. Additionally, make sure the storage capacity can accommodate that you’re storing canned beverages, bottled beers, or a mix of them.

Is What Type Of Back Bar Fridge I Would Purchase Affected By The Location

It’s a key point that what type of fridge you need to buy will be resolved by where you would like to place the unit. One of the primary questions you will need to answer is whether you what the back bar fridge inside or outside. If you would like to have a fridge for outside, you’ll need a durable unit with a stainless steel exterior and triple-layer tempered glass front. For indoor purposes, you can have styles for either free-standing or built-in. Built-in styles are designed for areas where space is limited, and they can easily place under a counter or set in a cabinet.

Can I Put Beverages In Two Different Sections With Different Temperatures?

With the same fridge, dual storage sections are available to allow separately store items with different temperature requirements. The storage sections usually come in either top-and-bottom or side-by-side, a section with lower temperature is a great solution for storing wire, which requires a higher cooling point.

Do Back Bar Fridges Have Any Options For Safety?

Most fridge models in the market come with a safety lock. Usually, these fridges allow you to lock the door with a key, which prevents that your appliances are opened by some else to grab the items inside, this can avoid loss of expensive items, particularly prevent underage persons from getting access to alcoholic products.

Do Back Bar Fridges Make Lots Of Noise?

Generally speaking, small fridges make about as much noise as regular equipment. You may hear some noise from the compressor, during regular operation and condition, there is normally nothing else louder than that. It might be a sign that your back bar fridge comes up with some troubles if you hear any loud noises.

How Does My Back Bar Fridge Defrost?

Freezing units usually come with manual or automatic defrosting. Manual defrost Refrigerators require that all items be removed before turning off and defrosting. In addition, this should be maintained outdoors to prevent water leaks from damaging the equipment. Refrigerators with automatic defrosting include an internal coil that heats regularly to remove frost and ice. Remember to clean the equipment coils every six months to keep the equipment coils clean and in good condition.

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