“The California Lawn Diet” Book Offers Simple Solutions for Water Conservation

November 17 00:57 2021
Landscape designer to the stars, inventor, and book author Jonathan Sidy shares his time-tested gardening tips to keep lawns looking green despite the California drought.

When the California federal government imposed water reduction in cities and towns in the area in 2015, landscape designer Jonathan Sidy was quick to come up with gardening tips and tricks. Instead of complaining, he wrote a book that provides a different perspective on the situation. This enabled him and his clients to maintain their garden designs despite the water crisis. Today, the situation is no different but Jonathan’s book remains relevant to millennial and generation Z readers who want to find ways to keep their gardens nice and neat.

“The California Lawn Diet” features Jonathan’s ideas that are as easy as a do-it-yourself project that’s meant to be shared with a lawn owner’s present gardener or contractor. The book will also show homeowners various ways to save on water and create a more efficient, healthier landscape.

Jonathan believes that preserving gardens is crucial, especially when billions of dollars have already been invested in these lawns. In addition, people need the greenery that has been a part of their life, may it be the trees shading the streets, the shrubs that frame their homes, or the lawn that served as the ground for playtime and camping activities.

On the book’s website, Jonathan dissects each part and gives his readers a glimpse of some chapters. In the chapter titled “The California Water Diet,” Jonathan gives people real-world suggestions on how to create a well-designed and water-efficient landscape.

There’s also a chapter discussing soil, sun, shade, and the right zone for gardening. According to Jonathan, soil type directly affects the design, installation, and maintenance of any garden. This also affects the water needed and how the lawn owner uses it. Knowing the type of soil and how much sunlight the garden needs are the keys to determining the plant choices to maximize water efficiency.

Jonathan also includes a chapter teaching readers how to prepare the garden. From putting the time and investment in the garden’s underground structure to amending, irrigation, drainage, grading, and digging the right sized holes, Jonathan is generous in giving the right tips for anyone to save time and money building the garden of their dreams. “Do it right or don’t do it at all. It will cost you more in the long run if you don’t start right.” He explained.

The book also talked about guidelines on removing a lawn in a chapter titled “How not to remove a lawn.” He also discussed tips in keeping a maze and choosing the right type of gravel for garden owners with pets like dogs.

Those who already bought the book liked how Jonathan shared the landscaping fundamentals they need. Packed with valuable information and humor, the book also gets good reviews because of its easy-to-read and easy-to-follow instructions.

To browse, shop, and know more about “The California Lawn Diet,” visit http://www.thecalifornialawndiet.com/.

About The California Lawn Diet

The California Lawn Diet is a garden design guide that points California lawn owners in the right direction and save water. Written by landscape designer and inventor of Fence Fabric Jonathan Sidy, the book is available on its website in a secure e-book download, Amazon, and the Apple iTunes Book Store.

A landscape design-build contractor for almost 40 years, Jonathan is available for consulting services by phone or travel, if the client’s location permits. His landscape works are available for viewing at www.thejonathancompany.com and www.jonathancompanyhome.com.

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