Drew Iverson Releases a Page-Turning Epic Adventure Titled “The Spirit Within”

November 16 19:14 2021
Where there is light there is darkness, where there is darkness there is light, a world ravaged by war, living on social ills to feel secure, a young man named Chael struggles to find meaning in this world.

Drew Iverson is thrilled to announce the release of his book, The Spirit Within, the first book in a three-book series known as the Awakening series which is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and his website. Although Drew has not made a career out of writing yet. He has crafted a beautiful piece, one that will keep drawing readers deeper, making it difficult to drop the book once they have begun reading it.

The Spirit Within is a story set in a world destroyed by war in which the society survives on what is given to them. It is an adventure into the life of a young man named Chael, who struggles to find his place in the world as he fights just to survive in it. A series of supernatural events lead him to a mysterious woman who helps him discover who he really is, and that he has a power, a light in the darkness.

Chael’s discovery turns him into a threat to darkness and it will do whatever it takes to either destroy those he cares about or enslave him to serve its side of the war. To survive and protect those he cares about, he must learn to embrace the light within him or be taken over by darkness forever. The book is not only a page-turning epic; it teaches the truth that everyone has an effulgence of light that darkness seems to want to overshadow. But by letting his light shine, Chael could subdue darkness and deliver himself and his world from its tyranny.

There is no gainsaying that The Spirit Within is currently one of the best books in its category. Drew Iverson did an incredibly outstanding work with his portraying of the cast, flow, and suspense. The eBook version of The Spirit Within goes for $9.99 while the Paperback and Hardcover versions are sold at $19.99 and $27.99, respectively.

To get the book, please visit www.drewiverson.com

About Drew Iverson

Drew is a graduate from the University of Montana and has many passions in his life. One of them is writing. He enjoys sharing his creativity and imagination by putting words on paper so that others can read it and be inspired. He has been writing as a hobby since his childhood.

On a personal note, Drew is an avid self-growth, personal motivation activist, a fitness enthusiast, and enjoys helping people. This continues to drive him toward greater things. His books are examples of that. He strives for personal growth in a variety of ways because he feels that there is always room to grow. Through setting up characters and worlds where there are challenges and struggles—whether that is in Sci-Fi, Fantasy or otherwise—his readers can find elements in which they themselves can be inspired to grow.

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