BCH Reduce Corporate Carbon Footprint By The Amount Of 10,000+ Cars’ Annual Emissions

November 16 23:30 2021
Refillable ink cartridges can make a huge impact on corporate waste.

Every day, over one million ink cartridges are tossed into landfills worldwide. Many organizations are unaware of the amount of waste they produce through their printing processes, and much of this waste is contributed to plastic. Ink cartridges are among the biggest offenders, as they can take between 600 and 8,000 years to decompose in a landfill. Considering the number of ink cartridges used and discarded by companies worldwide each day, it’s easy to see how this becomes a serious problem over time.

As a result, many climate-conscious organizations are looking for alternative solutions to their printing needs, especially concerning ink cartridges. But what isn’t commonly known is that cartridges don’t have to be thrown out as soon as the ink runs dry — almost anyone can easily refill them. BCH Technologies provides various tools and methods to refill ink cartridges made by Epson, Canon, and HP brands. They sell kits containing all the required materials to refill cartridges, such as rubber plugs and syringes. In addition, BCH offers instructional videos and guides to walk users through the process. Since 2011, BCH Technologies has served 241,749 customers from 194 countries and provided 1,570,554 bottles of high-quality refill ink, enough to refill 10,470,360 cartridges. Using BCH ink, customers reduced 50,258 metric tons of CO2 greenhouse gas, equivalent to the annual emission of 10,926 cars, and prevented the earth from enduring ten days of printer cartridge waste.

Companies can learn how to refill their ink cartridges and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint with this technology. However, the advantages of using refillable cartridges go beyond the environment. It is less expensive to refill cartridges than to purchase new ones continually, so while opting for an eco-friendly printing solution can be an adequate incentive by itself, there are plenty of cost savings benefits as well. In short, refillable ink products are an excellent way for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and save money, and BCH Technologies has made the ink refilling process simple with its DIY kits and tutorials.

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