Innovation: Bring the Bling to Any Mindset

November 16 06:24 2021
Author: Mindy Jo Rigel, M.B.A. & M.Ed.

How does someone create a product that would serve as solving a pain point or providing a gain in society?  

Innovation extends beyond a specialized department or a corporate boardroom. It’s a mindset that anyone can achieve if they are open. It’s a shift from the monotonous to the spontaneous. Innovation is a concept that can be practiced and built into one’s daily routine in the professional environment, as well as, into one’s own free time. It’s meant to add value to others’ lives while fulfilling the need to achieve something unique. Furthermore, innovation can bring the bling to any mindset. 


As an example, the patent-pending product ShoestringBling, the original “Braces for your Laces”, was developed while bicycling with family; not to mention the countless number of untied shoelaces witnessed as a mother and teacher over the years! 

ShoestringBling displayed at Rose City Boutique

ShoestringBling is a fun, functional, and fashionable way to keep kids’ shoelaces—even to the age of ninety-two—tied throughout each day. It’s a fastener that secures the shoestrings in place with fun charms to display. ShoestringBling can also be used as bling-bling on bootstraps, beltloops, book bags, and purse straps. It retails online at and at Rose City Boutique in Springfield, Ohio. This product can be customized for athletics, the arts, birthdays, and other specialized gift ideas. 

The creation of ShoestringBling also sparked further inspiration for the middle school educator in her discussion of innovation in the leadership book co-write, The IDEAS of Leadership. Rigel has written numerous published leadership articles, holds an M.B.A. from Franklin University, an M.Ed. from Antioch University Midwest, is a certified life coach, and the founder of

Innovation Leads to Further Inspiration

Photograph credit: Jay Franze: Author, Speaker, Coach

The Franze and Friends co-hosts and authors’ Jay Franze and Mindy Jo Rigel encourage others to “create a space that encourages innovation and be sure to seek it out. A clear mind is needed to create clarity and a canvas for creativity. Perhaps this is through physical activity, mental breaks and meditation.” 

The author duo went on to suggest the following in their leadership book: 

“While brainstorming, make visual webs, lists, audio or video recordings…whatever works best to process any thoughts or ideas. Remember those vinyl sticky toys that children would throw at the wall to see how long they would stick? Be open to the possibilities and clear any thoughts of failure from the cerebrum.

As ideas for change trickle in—whether self-driven or from another party—evaluate it and do not ignore it. Once change evaluation has occurred, and if it is either a change worthy of pursuit and fits into the vision of the business, quickly get on-board with how it can be made to happen successfully. Also, be sure to stay positive and be uplifting to the others throughout the process. 

Lastly, follow through on change to ensure its success. Make no mistake about it—change is hard work! The good news is leaders can mentally prepare themselves to be leaders of change and true change agents in any organization or as an entrepreneur. In order for any endeavor to be successful, follow-up on what is going right must take place and improvement toward what may not be progressing according to the original plan.”

Leadership Concepts Discussed Weekly

Franze and Rigel discuss innovation, along with many other leadership concepts and practices on the Franze and Friends podcast. Audience members can simply tune in to learn and listen, or ask their questions live of the coaching team on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10pm ET, 7pm PT.

Mindy Jo Rigel, Co-host of Franze and Friends

Whether task-oriented, a creative genius, or simply one to jot down ideas on sticky notes, be sure to move innovation to the top of the priority list. Remember: innovation can bring the bling to any mindset. 

Mindy Jo Rigel, teacher and founder of

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