CURVD – Made to Restyle Everyday Basic House ware Essentials for Everyone and Anyone

October 20 19:30 2021
“Curvd” is a mission-oriented brand that was found in 2019 by two best friends. The objective of a consumer house ware product is to serve the people with high-quality material products.

Brooklyn, NY – CURVD, a known brand for household essentials, produces premium quality mugs designed for everybody. The mug fits perfectly in every hand, and the objective of this product is to provide a comfortable experience to users. The products offered by CURVD are human-friendly because they are easily accessible to under-served groups and everyone else.

The mugs are engineered and designed for every hand regardless of their size, capabilities and shape. It is 3.3 inches wide and 4.5 inches long. The weight of these mugs is 15 Oz (421g) which is 10% lighter than average mugs, comparatively. The product comes with a patent design that has a touch of a modern, smooth and comfortable exterior. The product is made with premium quality and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The mugs can be customized according to the customer’s taste and preference. Custom colors and prints are available for the customers. Jed and Amin launched this product because, according to them, mugs are an easy-to-launch product that serves all individuals and businesses. The product is easy to manufacture and customize with a much lower overhead cost.

A perfect angle on the handle of the mug makes it easy to rest the mug on the hand without it tilting. Wide and smooth handles make it easier to grip the mug with a firm and comfortable grip. The wide opening of the handle makes it easier to slide your hand in and helps to transfer the weight to the hand muscle rather than the finger joints. It makes the mug much easier to hold, especially for people with lower dexterity.

“While we tried keeping the overall look familiar and recognizable, we wanted a new, modern, minimal design to improve the current gift shop mugs to encourage businesses to change their view of customizable mugs for their marketing. We identified common mistakes in the design of the majority of mugs in the market. We tested numerous mugs from well-known brands, those that are, designed for people with Parkinson’s, and those that offer great aesthetics,” says Jed and Amin.

After designing 50 prototypes, Jed and Amin selected CURVD mugs that were later sent, to more than 500 customers. These mugs were sent as a promotional gift to get feedback from customers. The mugs; can be freely shipped inside the US with custom packaging. Their website is full of all the necessary information related to their human-friendly products. Click on the website to know more.

About the business:

CURVD and its products focus entirely on inclusive designs to provide ease and comfort to everyone. The aim is to make sure that the designs they make can be used by people of all abilities, including those who are disabled. It is their goal to make and launch products that offer benefits to people and communities that are underserved so that a friendlier environment can be created in the present as well as in the future.  

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