Events in Italy: The Most Sought After Wedding and Event Destinations Are Now Available for Virtual Walkthroughs

October 19 15:51 2021

By Visitng, Users Can Virtually Visit Villas, Hotels, Farmhouses, Castles and  Congress Halls to Discuss Logistics and Close Estimates Online, Without the Added Time and Cost of On-Site Inspections 

It is no secret that Italy is home to some of the most gorgeous wedding and event locations on the earth. As the world begins working towards recovery from the pandemic, millions will be researching where to host their weddings and events for the upcoming years. Unfortunately it can be quite expensive and time consuming to visit these destinations in-person. Eo Ipso, the nationally recognized Milanese communication agency is proud to announce that Events in Italy will now be hosting virtual inspection services for sought after Italian event locations for companies, event agencies, and individuals alike. 

Events in Italy offers the exclusive opportunity to view every aspect of any location, and of the area in which it is located in a live stream, with the multiple views. These live streams are conducted by the Eo Ipso team using 2, 3+ cameras and enables viewers to speak with the owners of each facility while simultaneously analyzing organizational and budget issues. 

Our operators are event organizers, so they know what is important to see and where it is best to focus attention during an inspection. But, of course, they are also ready to point the camera’s eye based on the customer’s indications or curiosity”, explains Marino Pessina, CEO of Eo Ipso. “Thus the virtual inspection becomes a careful and meticulous on-site process which, as anyone who has organized at least one event in their life knows, is a necessary step to avoid unpleasant surprises during the event or wedding”.

The Eo Ipso agency has harnessed an impressive reputation across Italy for managing the opening of Domino’s Pizza in Italy along with Tempur Pedic in the launch of its new mattresses in the Bel Paese, and Whirlpool, who has entrusted them with their corporate communications. 

“We developed, engineered, and structured the idea of this service in full lockdown Since the end of 2020, we have been convinced that the re-launch of the world and physical events can only take place through a strong integration between digital channels, development, and services exclusively devoted to customer satisfaction.” -Pessina recalls. “For this reason, Events in Italy works exclusively for the client, without requiring commissions on contracts stipulated with its customers. One of the strengths of our service, in addition to the meticulous inspection of the location, lies in showing customers the spaces adjacent to the chosen structure, because the magic of an event or a wedding can be easily ruined by an unfavorable external environmental situation, which it can only be discovered by carrying out an inspection. Moving from the US to Italy requires high costs and long times, so we decided to bring Italy directly to the offices and homes of companies and couples who choose the Bel Paese for their event or their wedding.”

The choice of which and how many locations will be inspected is at the discretion of the customer; but to help companies and couples to extricate themselves from the varied offer of Italian villas, hotels, agritourisms, castles and conference rooms, a special section of the portal hosts a selection of Italian locations. “In addition, in another section of the site, we present all the Italian regions, recommending the typical dishes and local wines to be included in the menu of the event or wedding.” 

Developed by Kitsune, Delawere’s digital marketing agency, allows direct purchases with the e-commerce formula, and also offers a series of additional services for the best outcome of the event or of marriage, provided directly by the professionals of Eo Ipso.

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About Events in Italy

Events in Italy is an e-commerce site that allows individuals to tour and inspect Italian wedding and locations completely online. Founded by Eo Ipso, a communication and events agency based in Legnano, Events in Italy seeks to revolutionized the wedding and events industry to meet the demands of the digital age. Standard service is guaranteed with two or three cameras managed by operators who are also event organizers to provide an in-depth walkthrough of any venue. At the request of the customer,  it is possible to increase the number of cameras for the inspection.

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