Schneider Electric Demonstrates Innovations to Support Changing Needs of the Packaging Industry

September 27 17:58 2021
Schneider Electric Demonstrates Innovations to Support Changing Needs of the Packaging Industry
Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation.
• Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are realizing the full benefits of connected IIoT technologies and leveraging the value of new process data unlocked from their operations

• Schneider Electric will display new technology to process, expand, and preserve that valuable data at Pack Expo, Booth #C-5422

Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, will display its recently-launched solutions for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) segment at Pack Expo Las Vegas. These innovations are designed to support the quickly changing needs of CPG customers embracing new IIoT technologies to digitize their operations.

Over the past decade, the CPG space has been more transformed by IIoT than most industries, with new connected technologies giving manufacturers the flexibility required to meet their customers’ changing needs. These transformations mean that critical information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) equipment are moving closer to where they’re used, providing manufacturers with more data than ever to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

“Connected technologies have brought in a new level of flexibility to the CPG industry, helping companies respond to the needs of their customers faster, while driving down operational costs,” said Miguel Najera, Consumer Packaged Goods Regional Segment Leader – North America, Schneider Electric. “As these companies collect more and more operational data, they are looking for new ways to process and preserve it, to both maintain their processes and continue gaining efficiency within their operations.”

Named the most sustainable company in the world, Schneider Electric will display innovative solutions to help customers maintain the integrity of their data while enabling further IIoT modernization to keep CPG manufacturers ahead of the curve:

EcoStruxure Micro Data Center R-Series for Rugged Environments: Bringing Data Closer

The new IP 55/66 & NEMA 12 rated EcoStruxure Micro Data Center R-Series for rugged indoor environments offers a fast and simple way to deploy and manage edge computing infrastructure in challenging indoor industrial spaces. As industrial operators deploy Industry 4.0 technologies to increase productivity, safety, and automation, micro data centers are becoming essential to addressing everything from the convergence of IT and OT to the enabling of IIoT applications — making IT on the factory floor more reliable.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Center solutions are configurable, pre-packaged, enclosed rack systems that include power, cooling, security, and management. They save up to 40 percent in field engineering costs, get systems to market 20 percent faster, and reduce maintenance costs by 7 percent. 

EcoStruxure Automation Expert: Expanding Data

The new EcoStruxure Automation Expert v.21.1 is the latest update to the world’s first software-centric universal automation system. This next-generation platform helps manufactures rethink automation system engineering by separating the hardware and software to drive engineering efficiency, increase operational effectiveness, and help future-proof operations. EcoStruxure Automation Expert is based on the IEC61499 standard for interoperability and is ideal for the CPG industry where flexibility is critical to react quickly to changing market dynamics, take advantage of new opportunities, or mitigate potential risks.

A report from ARC Advisory Group (1), the automation industry’s leading technology market research firm, finds that, “a standardized automation system layer would be immensely valuable in economic terms.” For example, the $20-30 billion end users spend annually to service their installed base could be reduced substantially through this standardized automation layer, saving valuable engineering time and resulting costs by eliminating the vendor lock-in barrier.

Square D Easy UPS 3S: Increasing Data Resiliency

The Square D Easy UPS 3S protects critical equipment from damage due to power outages, surges, and spikes. Designed for a range of environments and temperatures, the Square D Easy UPS 3S offers an exceptional combination of an optimized footprint design and advanced product features allowing OEMs to provide a simple back up power solution to their clients as part of their overall machine design.

While the cost of downtime varies by industry, nearly all large enterprises (>1,000 employees) report that a single hour of downtime costs more than $100,000 and 81% of enterprises said that the costs exceed $300,000 per hour, according to an Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) survey.(2)  These power interruptions can disrupt production, damage equipment, and cause data loss. Adding the Square D Easy UPS 3S back up power solution helps guarantee business continuity to maximize productivity in light industrial applications.

About Schneider Electric

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