BackPAY Helps Business Owners Increase Income by Accepting Credit Cards

September 10 01:29 2021
This new tech startup surprise businesses with their finance innovation that allows them to earn monthly commission and save thousands of dollars in processing fees.

The incorporation of e-commerce or electronic payments has become a crucial step for businesses, especially when people are now more wary of going outside because of the persisting pandemic. It is no surprise that the industry experiences significant growth due to various technological innovations and new laws driven by evolving customer expectations.

Recently, State lawmakers have ruled that the restriction of merchants to pass credit card fees to the consumer is an unconstitutional restriction of speech. It has also been observed that 80% of transactions in the United States are via credit cards and thus businesses refuse to pay for consumer rewards anymore. Tech startup BackPAY intends to leverage these new legislations to help small businesses in the US, especially when credit card surcharges are to gain momentum this year once they are banned. The team behind BackPAY believes that it is high time to increase profits by getting paid for accepting credit cards.

The zero-fee processing with BackPAY allows business owners to earn monthly commissions by simply accepting credit cards with the help of their network of wholesale processors. They aim to revolutionize the payment industry by offering their aforesaid free service alongside free credit card terminals and business management software to get started. Once switched to their zero-fee processing system, the monthly sales commission will be directly deposited into the business bank account. It is a straightforward process that basically takes advantage of the new laws that have become more accommodating.

Zero-fee processing is practically legal in all States but some regulations must be followed in compliance with the requirements of the State where the business is located. After acquiring a new Merchant ID, BackPAY will provide the proper signage, registered processing platform, and pre-programmed terminals to meet the latest compliance standards for free. “In a historically predatory industry, BackPAY offers business owners a look behind the curtain and risk-free opportunity to play in the profits,” said Founder Adam Urbanski who has an extensive finance background that has allowed him to open and operate dozens of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the Southwestern United States.

Interested business owners can easily get in touch with the BackPAY team through their website with no risks as they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a two-page merchant application directly from Global – TSYS which is one of the largest processing companies. Don’t waste time and empower clients to tip higher with sign-on-screen tip prompts and the use of credit. Get in touch with BackPAY now!

About BackPAY

BackPAY is the first company to cut into the profits of big payment ISO’s to include merchants in the commission structure. They help small business owners take advantage of new legislation, save thousands of dollars in monthly processing fees, and get paid for accepting credit cards.

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